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Re: Clean VN Recomendations

#16 Post by cervineprince » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:28 am

Ace Attorney
The Arcana
Dramatical Murder
Chook and Sosig
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Re: Clean VN Recomendations

#17 Post by Chiagirl » Wed Sep 05, 2018 1:46 am

Non romance VNs I have played and enjoyed include -

Phantom Seeds: A very short free VN featuring two endings. There are quite a few grammar errors if I remember correctly though, so that might bother you.

Cinderella's Spark: A unique spin on the classic tale that pretty much removes romance entirely. Free to play with multiple endings.

Ben and the Devil: Short free to play VN with a few endings. You try to beat the devil's game to bring back your wife and child. Only one ending deals with romance.

Narcissu Side 2nd: Kinetic VN that is free to play and can be easily understood without playing the original Narcissu (which featured romance of sorts, where the side story does not). It's quite long and sad as it deals with terminal illness.

SCVN2 - the eSports Visual Novel: A free VN for gamers; you don't need to know anything about starcraft to enjoy it. A prequel is in the works.

Who is Mike: While the MC has a girlfriend romance really isn't featured as it's more about dealing with your clone. Free to play with 9 endings.

Voices from the Sea: A free VN where a loner kid meets a bubbly girl. While you could argue implied romance I see it more as friendship since they're both kids.

To Libertad: Free kinetic VN where you try to escape slavery. While romance is implied, there is no kissing or lewd scenes of any sort.

Fault - Milestone One: This is a kinetic visual novel that you will have to purchase, but the story is like an anime. There is also a sequel and a prequel out.

The Falconers - Moonlight: This is also a commercial game that is very story driven and has multiple endings. Sort of a mythical wild west mystery plot.

Train of Afterlife: Commercial VN where you try to regain your memories after death. It's a grind to get all the endings though, especially the true ending.

If you want my top 3 I'd think you'd like it'd be Falconers - Moonlight, Narcissu Side 2nd, and Cinderella's Spark. I hope this list helps some people.

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