3D Graphics and Daz3d

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3D Graphics and Daz3d

#1 Post by dennissaton » Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:15 pm

I am working on my first Graphic Novel.
I have heard that you can make(render) graphics using DAZ3D.
I have never done anything like that before. Daz3D sell pre-made clothes and bodies etc

If I were to purchase some of those items how much should I expect to pay someone to put it together for me
or is this something that I who have no training and no knowledge could do myself.

If I am not asking the right question please Excuse me, I am very new too this and I am not even sure what I should be asking.

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Re: 3D Graphics and Daz3d

#2 Post by fleet » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:21 pm

You can probably do it yourself, but it will take time. I've been using DAZ3d to make visual novels since 2010, and I still don't consider myself really good at it.
If you already have DAZ, you can download the free interactive lesson "Slaying the Dragon" bundle Link ->https://www.daz3d.com/slaying-the-dragon-bundle.
It includes characters and clothing and takes you step by step through the process of building a scene and rendering it.

Having said that, if your intention is to make a visual novel (versus a graphic novel), many people won't play a visual novel made with 3D graphics, unless the pictures are edited to the point where they look like they were hand-drawn. Examples of what I mean are works by donmai. Search the lemmasoft forums for examples of 3D images he's made to resemble hand-made drawings.

Some people might not read your post because it has the words "3D Graphics" in the subject. :(

I wish you success.
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Re: 3D Graphics and Daz3d

#3 Post by Donmai » Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:22 pm

Adding to what fleet already told you, VNs with 3D generated graphics are very common, some of them very successful like the adult games "Date Ariane" and the "Sexual Fantasy Kingdom" series (and they're not a novelty. SFK has been around for years). Many people believe that 3D software is an easy way to generate images for a game, but give it a try and you'll find out that's not true. As fleet told you, the learning curve can be very long depending on the kind of images you want to create. It seems you already know the basics: choose a model, dress it, add hair, pose the model, choose a camera angle and press the render button. Here is a scene assembled in DAZ Studio that shows two characters talking. The scene is very simple, it has no background and the following images weren't retouched or color-corrected, they're plain DAZ Studio 3Delight renders.
At this point, most people would simply click the render button, which will give the following result.
Sadly, I've already seen many a game with graphics rendered this way. What's the big problem here? Well, there are no lights in this scene. We are only able to see the two characters because each camera in DAZ Studio has a headlamp. But the camera's headlamp only exists for preview purposes. Note that there are no shadows (yes, I said there is no scenery, but I put a surface under their feet where the shadows should appear).
Let's add some lights, enable shadows, and render again.
Not bad. There are still some very visible imperfections that could be removed with some postwork. Personally, I never look at a newly rendered image as an end product, but only as a starting point to get to the final image.
If you feel confident enough to edit the surface properties of the models or experiment with different surface shaders, you can achieve some very interesting effects. The following image shows the same scene rendered after applying the Manga Style shader, available in the DAZ Store.
As I said, creating images with 3D software is not exactly easier than using traditional art. The learning curve isn't short and you will need to know how to deal with light, shadows, colors, atmospherics, anatomy, composition... Gee, that reminds me I still have so much to learn... :lol:
People who are wanting to experiment with 3d software should not feel discouraged by what I am saying. What I'm really trying to say is that 3D is not a way to create good images easily. It requires some study, dedication, and work, just like any other art.
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