Problem about publishing on Google Play

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Problem about publishing on Google Play

#1 Post by levithanh0209 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:25 am

Hi everyone.

I apologise in advance for how exceedingly stupid I am. But please find pity in your hearts to help out the mentally challenged.

I can build a .APK file, however, I do not understand how these two steps:
To configure your game to use Expansion APKs, you'll need to set two variables:

build.google_play_key = "..."
This is the Google Play license key associated with your application, which can be found on the "Services & APIs" tab associated with your application in the Google Play developer console. (Be sure to remove all spaces and newlines from the key.)

build.google_play_salt = ( ... )
This should be a tuple of 20 bytes, where each byte is represented as an integer between -128 and 127. This is used to encrypt license information returned from Google Play.

I realise it is obvious, but I am really, really, really dumb. I have a google play developer account but I can not find the Services & APIs tab.

So I figured that I am not going to have any inapp purchases anyway, so I built it without it (and I put manually put it on a device and it runs just fine), but I want it on the google play store because I am stupid. So I try to put the app up there and go through these steps:
I click on the "game services"
I made a new game
I say it is for android
I input title and description, blah blah
At the bottom, it says:


This game is linked to the API console project called 'Snells Law'(hyperlink)
The following APIs need to be turned on in the API console project for Games services to work:
APIs required for basic Games Services to work
Google Play Game Services and Google Play Game Management

I click on the link to take me to the API console
I go down to Google Play Game Management (it is the first of the two on the list)
I have this message:
This API is enabled, but you can't use it in your project until you create credentials.
Click "Go to Credentials" to do this now (strongly recommended).
So I click on "Go to credentials"
i have this screen:
1 Find out what kind of credentials you need

We'll help you set up the correct credentials
If you wish you can skip this step and create an API key, client ID, or service account

Which API are you using?

Determines what kind of credentials you need.
Google Play Game Management

Where will you be calling the API from?

Determines which settings you'll need to configure.

What data will you be accessing?

User data

Access data belonging to a Google user, with their permission

I choose "Google Play Game Management"for which credentials I need.
I choose android for where I will be calling the API from
I choose user data because it won't let me choose the other.

I click the button "What credentials do I need?"
I advance to step 2 (like I passed the first trial) and it says to "create an OAuth 2.0 client ID"
It has a box for me to input a name, I leave it the same.
Then it says this, and I do not understand:

Signing-certificate fingerprint
Add your package name and SHA-1 signing-certificate fingerprint to restrict usage to your Android apps Learn more
Get the package name from your AndroidManifest.xml file. Then use the following command to get the fingerprint:

keytool -exportcert -keystore path-to-debug-or-production-keystore -list -v

I get an error so I change it to just keytool -exportcert -android.keystore path-to-debug-or-production-android.keystore -list -v

I get a list of commands that I am allowed to use. So then I type this:

keytool -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -keystore path-to-debug-or-production-keystore -list -v

I am asked for a keystore password, but when I was setting up all of this in renpy, I was only ever asked for a company name. I typed in the company name, and was rejected.

I was also never prompted to provide an alias, so now I just lost. Yes, I do know that the answer is so stupid that it will take a lot of work to figure out what the hell I did, but I really do appreciate the help.

Thank you very much!
Vi Thanh.

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Re: Problem about publishing on Google Play

#2 Post by Imperf3kt » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:57 am

RAPT generates your keystore password, not Google. At least, that's how I interpret the information in the documentation.

See here for step by step instructions. ... nvironment

Note that the keystore password RAPT generates is NOT supposed to be used, you need to generate your own.
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