What is your favorite novel?

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What is your favorite novel?

#1 Post by michellepattison » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:02 am

For me, Prince Thalie is the best. There are 8 philosophies about love in this book that I want to share with you guys.
For me, that person is the whole world
Prince Thalie fell in love with a rose in his hometown - B612. She admitted that she was unique in her species. Girls often embrace such smugness, and that is at the same time a self-deprecating self-deprecation and expectation in the uniqueness of the hearts of their loved ones.

Arriving at Earth, the Prince was surprised to stand in front of a rose garden with thousands of roses like his rose. He suffered and felt cheated.

However, after the conversation with the fox with the bright red fur, the animal of silence, an unknown silence that was cunning or wise, he realized that his rose was unique. The only thing of that rose is because she is the flower he loves.

Everyone has a flower of their own, a star of their own, and no one resembles anyone. The one you love is unique, because you love that person, that's all. He is important, because he is his love.

Like the war between sheep and flowers, it is a frivolous affair with the pilot, but is of utmost importance to Prince Tu Be; like everything in the world, including the boy's life (when he borrowed the snake's venom to hope to pour back his heavy body and return to the flower) ... All of it is not as important as survival. at a rose.

The way the Prince is always directed towards his star - where there are four pink thorns with roses - reminds us of a 2009 animated film produced by Walt Disney: The Princess and the Frog.

The firefly Ray fell in love with the star he called Evangeline, a love that everyone felt so helpless, but finally, because of that kindness, the firefly also became a star.

The sparkling two-star image next to each other reminds us of "second star to the right" that leads to Neverland - the land of little kids. Telling, in love, everyone is a child, or a mistake and needs to be loved.

Love is felt by the heart
The red-haired fox revealed to the Little Prince: "Here, my secret. Very simple: People only see clearly with their hearts. The main one can't see the eye. ”

Sometimes decisions are intuitive, instinctive results are better than rational analysis. That "sometimes" is true in love. Intuition exists to help people balance decisions, to connect instincts and reason.
Love makes our world better
If you do not smell the flowers and look at a star, it is just a fungus no less, Prince Thalie said so angrily.

Little Prince told the pilot that the sand dunes were beautiful because it contained water, and the stars were beautiful because one star had a rose. If someone loves a flower that grows between millions and millions of stars, just looking up at the stars is enough to make him happy.

"When a person loves a flower, that flower has only one flower, out of millions of millions of stars, that is enough to make him happy to see the stars."
Love is very rare, so many things like love are very much
The image of the baobab reminds us of the things we love every day, to reach where we find people truly loving.

“Regularly take care of the small bandages since we can distinguish them from the rose plants, but how to recite poetry is like a rose tree.” The starting point of the relationships is usually good. beautiful, but when we "grow up" emotionally, having relationships is toxic, love is not much.

The baobab trees will destroy the planet, and the rose will give us love and life experience. Happiness does not exist around us. In order to find it, we have to open our eyes and look aloud, and be careful to distinguish young shoots.
Time to take care of love makes love important
The fox told him: "It is the time you have wasted because of your rose, that time it made that rose so important."

If not every day, he watered the flowers, in the afternoon, put up the windshield, and caught each worm, patiently listening to the groan, spreading the giraffes, and sometimes even the silence, because she was a rose of you, perhaps the rose of the planet B612 will be nothing more than empty flowers in the rose garden on Earth. Prince Thalie spent time with flowers and flowers also spending time with him, love must be a cultivating, "domestication" comes from both sides.

The concept of "domestication" that Saint-Exupery has let the Statement of Consciousness so immensely: "tame" is to create relationships for two people to need each other. People only understand what people have tamed, and domestication, like the Prince Tu has tamed Fox, is to spend a lot of time and effort, doing everyday, patient and gentle, little by little one.
"If someone can't stand me when it's ugly, then I don't deserve to be the best in me."
The flower was weak as a way of saying love, her tricks and her mischievous wisdom were gentleness. The dazzling rose, like a haughty girl, is often fussy, difficult to be. But in fact, the girls are only angry at the people they believe will not turn away anyway.

The rose gave her the love, beauty and scent of her, so beautiful and fragrant, she certainly needed to be protected from the deep, free from the wind and fear of fear. not covered.
Love is very thin, fragile
Later, he confessed to the pilot that he had "fled" and regretted his actions.

But perhaps, the fact that Prince Baby left B612 was a must, to do, and indeed he did. If he did not leave, he would always be anxious, bored, and never realize the sentiment and the unique nature of the rose. Like in the Let Her go song of Passenger: "Only know you love her when you let her go / And you let her go" (I only know I love her when I lose her. And I lost her).

During Prince Thalie's adventure, he met a planetary geographer on Friday who arrived. "- We don't record flowers," said the geographer. "- What's wrong! Flowers are the most beautiful thing." "- Because flowers are fleeting."

Because beauty fades away, and love that is not nourished dissipates like a bubble. Once it hurt the opponent, like he closed the nails on the fence, pulling out the nails, the nail holes were still there. Injury can heal, but the scar does not erase.

Prince Thalie left the planet B612 very easily, just follow a flock of migratory birds, but to return, he must take the risk of snake venom, and the reader can only hope that the poisonous substance That ro really brought you back with the rose.
Losing love is often a way for us to become stronger
The departure of Prince Tu, if temporarily considered as a break in his relationship with the flower, we can see, from this break, both Prince Tuoi and the rose become strong and lucid than.

Coming to Earth, hearing the echo for the first time, Prince Tuoi remarked that this place was so bland, different from the day he was still in the same flower always speaking first. He gradually realized the importance of valuable things because he was in his hands, he did not pay much attention.

He began to think about the sacrifices of others, loved a girl who was not afraid of tigers, but was afraid of the wind, a flower with only four spikes to withstand the fierce life, but the best courage to make you satisfied.

The rose, which is the embodiment of superficiality, dignity, and pride, also grew from this broken relationship. She didn't need glasses anymore, she accepted his departure with gentle calm, without blaming, with pride, and most of all, she loved him, so she didn't want the person she loved to see her fall. tear.

And the flower also teaches us how to overcome fear, hurt and difficulty, because: "I want to know what butterflies are, I have to endure a few three worms".
Enjoy your life :) 2 player games

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