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Is there any way to make CTRL+Z work like normal in Atom

Posted: Thu May 06, 2021 6:50 pm
by Imperf3kt
For decades, CTRL+Z has been my goto undo button combination. It works perfectly with 99% of text editors I have used over the years. Even works on browsers and even file managers like Windows Explorer (Use CTRL+ALT+Z on Linux)

Atom, thankfully, also uses this undo shortcut, but there's a major disadvantage to it that makes me hate Atom.
Sometimes, I want to undo everything I did to a project because it turned out to not work as expected, or I found a better way. Sometimes this is many dozens or even hundreds of lines of code.

Ordinarily, I'd just hold CTRL+Z until all changes made since loading my file are undone. Unfortunately, Atom for some moronic design decision, undoes changes from the day before, the day before that etc, basically ignoring sessions and just undoing everything, including things I don't want undone.

Is they a way I can turn this ridiculous 'feature' off?

I honestly don't know why I ever moved away from editra.