What's your favorite time period in a VN?

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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#16 Post by ThirstingHeart » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:39 pm

sayuri wrote:Princes and princesses are always fun. I personally like stories set in the late 1800s. Though the timeframe is slightly different, if there was a visual novel in the same genre as The Count of Monte Cristo I would be in heaven
I love the 1800s as well~. The only problem I find is trying not to make a story that I've already read in one of my many romance novels under my bed. >.> BUT! A lot of the other posters bring up the theme of Steampunk which our favorite period can be fitted into. More on this as I answer the other posts.
IceD wrote:If you really want to be original, take a turn into deep water and make a historical fiction visual novel, just as sayuri says. Also, if you heard about steampunk or dieselpunk, you might try those - they give many opportunities for creators, because those worlds have some strict rules, but also give much freedom. Afaik, practically there weren't any apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic vn's (incorporating such elements as in fallout), so you might try to make a sci-fi/steampunk mix set in such settings - this might be really interesting, but only if you create a nice world with it's own rules and settings.
I find elements of all time periods that I adore. >///< So my problem comes down to which I want to try first before getting myself into anything deep that the project and I may drown under. But the Steampunk that you mentioned, (I've never heard of Dieselpunk) is very appealing. The strict rules however may be a hurdle to overcome. Post-apocalyptic also has a large pull. As you stated, if I create a world with its own rules then my only hurdle would be brainstorming to make sure everything tie together. A very nice suggestion.
LVUER wrote:Persona and Earthbound are two examples of present day setting.
Ah, that gives me a better idea of what you mean. I love Persona, never played Earthbound, I'm actually replaying Persona 3 in preparation for the release of P.3.P. ^.^
Wintermoon wrote:Fantasy is good. Especially if the author actually uses her imagination instead of repeating the same fantasy clichés that I've seen a thousand times before. However, even clichéd fantasy is often enjoyable to me.
Jake wrote:I tend to find high-fantasy stuff boring, but there have been good high-fantasy stories that I've enjoyed; I tend to find cyberpunk and sci-fi interesting, but I'll still dislike a bad cyberpunk book. Write the story you want to write in the setting you feel most comfortable with, and you'll definitely find some people who naturally like that setting anyway, and if it's a good story it'll be a good story even outside of people's preferred setting.
A lot of the answers I'm getting seem to say that as long as the story is interesting enough people wouldn't mind what the setting is. This is good to know, I know there have been times when I've looked at a story and been like, "It's set in this? Hm, maybe I'll save it for another time..." I'll try my best to make sure the storys presentation will do it justice and capture peoples interest. ^_^
Deji wrote:I personally like present day as long as it's not set in Japan where characters are in high-school (I think I developed an allergy to that theme already >_o)
I adore high fantasy, and I like historical as long as it's not politics or war-oriented.
I'm not a fan of sci-fi.
I understand how you feel. A lot of people, maybe a lot of the younger people, simply adore the Japanese high school setting. It can sometimes be overbearing to see so many of the Senpai, Whoever-kun or Dude-sensei. Especially when you read it in English, or worse, hear it in English!


Whew, done with the quotes I hope... Sorry if I missed anyone. But with all your wonderful suggestions I think I finally have some good ideas I want to start writing about! Thank you all very much!
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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#17 Post by ForgottenVision » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:42 pm

I have to say I just prefer the typical present-day setting. I'm not a really big fan of fantasy or sci-fi. I like stories that I can relate to and slice of life sort of stories. Even if it's a cliche High School Japan setting... a good VN doesn't really depend on the setting, I'm far more concerned with the characters and plot. A good plot can be set anywhere, imo.
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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#18 Post by Riviera » Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:25 pm

Sengoku Jidai. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the first anime I really and truly fangirled over was Inuyasha, but I love that time period. It always has mikos, demons, ghosts, magical powers, and all kinds of other things that I love to see.
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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#19 Post by Pyonkotchi » Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:45 pm

I like modern day. and fantasy alot.
depends really on the plot and characters. because you can have a really crappy story set in a kickbutt world
and a really amazing story set in a normal town.
with a great plot and fun lovable characters
even an average slice of life story can be entertaining

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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#20 Post by dott.Piergiorgio » Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:52 pm

well, on Victorian times, perhaps I knew better than everyone else, because I actually have a long & intense scholar activity on the very quintessence of the steampunk, the steel armoured Battleship, but this is not the main point (of sort...) but that the setting should not only be understandable by the player merge seamless with the characters, script-wise.
And here we open the huge pandora's box of plot- and scriptwriting, the relationship between player, MC (or whatever is the player's avatar) and other characters re. knowledge.

A Prince/ss should known enough about his/her world because of his upbringing; conversely, a peasant of rank-and-file soldier known well about his immediate environment, whose is not necessarily known by the player, esp. in a fantasy context; a peasant character surely known which local herb is poisonous and which is curative, but the player can't have this advance knowledge, and presented with the choice "pick the reddish root" and "pick the large leaf" s/he find at loss and presenting a bad/good ending choice of this type is surely not fair..... Same for the Prince/ss on, say, the choice of how to greet a foreign dignitary, this character know for sure the correct form to greet said foreign dignitary w/o causing a major diplomatic/protocol incident, but the player can't have this knowledge, esp. in a fantasy setting.

Same for the historical times; Playing a Victorian VN set aboard a battleship is a breeze for myself, but other people can easily have not few reloading prior of understanding how to interact with the setting....

and lest not forget the daemon of advance knowledge; the player know what happened in these times, and this influence the player's choices if the setting is here (that is, under the Vesuvius) in 79 CE, or Hiroshima in the August of 1945, and is a really hard to put consistent, non-metastory restraints to his/her driving the MC.

HTH, and
Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#21 Post by kantocan1 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:01 am

Fantasy all the way!
Nothing wrong about a good Modern-day thing but get's too familiar for me.
I love GxB/Otome games! (Same thing really).

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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#22 Post by IceD » Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:41 am

kantocan1 wrote:Nothing wrong about a good Modern-day thing but get's too familiar for me.
On other note I must admit, it's a good point on I agree with completely. There's nothing bad in stories set in modern days, slice of life or drama - be it whatever you want, but when it comes to good fiction, we read books because we want to get away from reality. This means any reality that resembles our own too much. That's why fantasy and science fiction genre is so popular and that popularity is still growing, especially amongst younger people. We are bored with our everyday lifes to such extent, we don't want to read about similiar stories in books. We want and we need a litle bit of magic. We need a breath of fresh air and a little bit of adventure; curiosity is naturally coded in every human being.

I love fantasy becuse it brings us those things we long for; Stories about worlds, where everything is much simplier, every woman beautiful and each man strong. incredible stories about undeniable bravery... Tales about fantastic creatures, powerful mages and their magic pupils, mischevious dragons and almighty kings with their beautfiul daughters. Fantastic journeys and glorious battles, unbelievable races, treasures, monsters, mystery, myths, beauty and perils of forgotten, primeval lands. All of this with our straightforward heroes, struggling with their lifes and all the dangers such worlds can bring at them. Take up Howard's tales about Kull or Conan, for a good example. They were incredibly popular, simple in form yet very pleasurable to read.

Sci-fi is similiar, but works on different field. With those stories also come all of the worries about our possible future, related to our neverending quest for perfection bonded with human technologic progress and the meaning of our existence. Writers often set up series of questions, hidden between the pages and ask readers to try and seek their own answers and give possible truth in consequence. No matter the story - a post apocalytpic vision of crumbling remains of our civilisation, or glorious future and interstellar travels, the questioning remains unchanged.

You can have a good story set up in every available setting, but fantasy and science-fiction bring more to us. Or at least, give a good dose of joy and springboard from our dull, gray everyday lives. Who wouldn't wish to live in such realms? Everyone does so, at least to some extent. It's our chance and duty to bring those stories to live and make people happy, if that's the thing which makes all of us happy, as well.

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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#23 Post by LVUER » Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:24 am

I want the setting to be similar to ours so that I could fantasize that this fiction could happen to us. It's hard to imagine something like Lord of the Rings happen to us, but it's easier to imagine Yu-Gi-Oh story happening in our life.
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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#24 Post by kara24601 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:55 am

I sometimes enjoy sci fi or modern stuff but I really prefer fantasy. Too much realism in certain ways really annoys me. I see enough of that crap in real life, why the heck would I want to play a game about it/with it? (by that crap I mean stuff like rape, people cheating on each other, racism, murder/killing especially for no good or "sane" reason...killing in self defense because of a dangerous hostile is one thing but killing somebody for say their money or dope or because you're jealous or whatever is quite another, ect.) It's "funny" (not funny ha ha but funny strange) how willing people are to push the envelope when it comes to violence in games but they pussyfoot around issues like nudity and sex unless of course that's the main focus of the game or worse they put rape scenarios in. *rolls eyes and sighs*

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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#25 Post by machinist » Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:44 pm

modern is best for me ^_^

i'm not really into historical stuff... lol

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Re: What's your favorite time period in a VN?

#26 Post by fortaat » Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:58 pm

Time is irrelevent, as long as it's not in Japan, but that's mainly because I'm pretentious.

If you want an honest answer, just write a good story. This means you can't choose any time period, but only those you know enough of to write a good story.
Hence, it's pointless to ask what other people like.

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