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Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2004 10:14 pm
by Trinity Riot
The site was down for me yesterday up until right now. What's up with that?

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 1:48 am
by Blue Lemma
The site was down for a couple of days because there was a computer error in renewing my domain name. I e-mailed my webhost about it, though, and they took care of it pretty darn quick (within 24 hours, + 6-12 hours for the computer changes to take effect.) So I'm back up! :D

By the way, if anyone's considering signing up with a webhost to make a website and they want to support Lemma Soft, please consider signing up with Lunarpages (my webhost) through Lemma Soft. This way Lemma Soft gets money, and it doesn't cost you anything extra, either. ... id=lemmas2 (use that link to get to the Lunarpages site when you sign up with them :wink:)
I signed up with them as my first webhost ever, and I've been with them a year. They're very good and respond to issues very promptly (like my renewal problem.) Also, I looked around and couldn't find a better deal:

$7.95/month gets you (if you sign up for a year):
40 GB bandwidth/month
800 MB storage
CPanel to run the site (very easy :) )
Fast servers
Allows adult content
Only get charged for the bandwidth you pay for up front (no one can rack up huge extra-bandwidth fees for you) <-- one of the key reasons I went with them
and other cool stuff I probably don't even know about
[/end mini-plug]

Seriously, I've been extremely pleased with them! :)
So even if you don't go through Lemma Soft to sign up, I'd still recommend them.

Anyway, the site's back up and all that...yay!

Lemma: *does a happy dance* 8)

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 4:31 am
by Jerails
That's wonderful news!! And perhaps I will think about signing up that webhost, once I've decided to start working on a website, that is!

And yes, let's all celebrate!! *Starts breakdancing*

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 5:05 am
by Grey
Yay, the sites back :D

I missed it these last 2 days.

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 1:15 pm
by Zintar
Great, lemma's back. :P

I hope it doesn't happen again. :evil: