Silver Seas [Demo,BxG,BxB?,historical,gameplay]

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Silver Seas [Demo,BxG,BxB?,historical,gameplay]

#1 Post by shylock » Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:02 pm

Hi all. Thanks for reading. Sorry about this if it's too long. (My old thread is dead, outdated and in the wrong forum, so I'll leave it to die. I hope that's okay.)

Current lint (june 27):
The game contains 1,710 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 27,341 words,
for an average of 16.0 words per screen.
The game contains 19 menus.

I put some time into this Oct-Dec 2010, restarted as of June 2011.

Links: These demos replace the Nov 24 2010 demos and have a new soundtrack and much more story. They have no art beyond filler backgrounds. The direction is minimal. This is not a polished release, but it should be bug free. Downloads are PG-13 due to mild cursing. (Windows demo) (Mac demo) (Linux demo) (Design document, spoils everything)

I don't have other hosting options. If there is complaint about mediafire, I'll look elsewhere.

Story: Lukas Lorenz is an ambitious, young merchant of Rostock, a town in what is now northern Germany, a leading city amongst the powerful Hansa trading organization. Marrying into a share of a cog (a sailing ship typical of the age) in the early 1300s, Lukas sets off to fulfill his dream of adventure and wealth through the whole of Europe, visiting cities from London to Stockholm, Brussels to Riga. Explore strange cities and cultures, have romances, accumulate political power, fulfill quests, become a wealthy patrician, and try not to die while doing it all.

Right now there are four planned BxG routes. I am considering a BxB route.

Lukas: Protagonist of the adventure. 22 years old, of Rostock (currently northeastern Germany). Short and slight of stature with prematurely silvering hair, he was engaged to Ariane Albrecht at 18 in a mutually beneficial trade for all involved - Lukas was not physically suited for life in his father's trade of blacksmithing, nor did he have any desire for the profession. Conversely, Otto Albrecht, Ariane's father, lacked any male heirs, was good friends with Lukas' father, and recognized talent when he saw it. Finishing school at 14 - more education than most - he subsequently embarked on apprenticeships and sailing positions befitting a novice until deemed ready to take command of a vessel in 1323, where the story begins.

Ariane Lorenz (nee Albrecht): A 21 year old lady of Rostock. An elegant, refined woman used to creature comforts, something she never lacked for as the only child of her fairly successful merchant father, Otto. Despite her four-year engagement to Lukas, the couple remain practically complete strangers due to Lukas' continual traveling. Lukas perceives her as religious and conservative, with a strong belief in the existence of social classes. Ariane dedicates her time in concert with similar young ladies to charitable work and social appearances.

Jurian Adler: First mate assigned sight unseen to Lukas' vessel by the Rostock Hansa. 34 and has seen just about everything there is to see on the high seas over almost twenty years of sailing experience. Often mistaken as dour by those who don't know him.

Kai of Stralsund: 20-year old helmsman assigned sight unseen to Lukas' vessel by the Rostock Hansa. Born in Stralsund to an unremarkable peasant family, he's been sailing from a very young age and still loves the sea enough to feel excited about any voyage.

Tadica Schillerin: 19-year old second daughter of a rich Lubeck merchant, Tadica's elder sister is engaged and the nuptials will be the social event of the year in Lubeck. Vaguely dissatisfied with her sheltered life, but doesn't see a lot of options for herself beyond running a rich household for her future husband.

Numerous other people not listed because this post is already way too long.
Writing ~ 12%. Happy to take on other people here, especially if you want to write quests.
Art ~ 0%. This needs to be fixed soon because people really care about art.
Music ~ 50%. Have a decent trove of appropriately copyrighted musics but still some work to do here.
Code ~ 20%. I'm competent with numerical methods, everything else escapes me. There's a lot of space for code, and I don't mean scripting. World map, combat system, GUIs, etc.
Other ~ ?%.


If you're interested in helping out in any way for any degree of commitment I'd love to hear from you. I do plan to put up a new dedicated recruiting thread in the near future. If I end up having to spend non-trivially on art I may try to figure out how to monetize this in the future.

If you're playing the demo I suggest you concentrate on trading between Lubeck and Rostock because most story events so far happen in those towns. All feedback appreciated, either through email (, IRC, PM or posting here.
Trading gameplay.
A crucial decision.
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Imagemap that needs a lot of work.
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