Dream Chasers - Original Fiction

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Dream Chasers - Original Fiction

#1 Post by lordcloudx » Fri Jun 02, 2006 3:27 pm

This is the original text-draft of Dream Chasers chapter 1 and 2.2 of 3... actually 4 includng the epilogue. It's supposed to be told from the point of view of Rygel, Risa and Kira and connect to The Princess of Fire sometime in chapter 2. The rpg version is a severely edited and sugar-coated version of this one.

I've abandoned writing this story years ago for my own reasons (I'm lazy)
But anyway, I'd like some opinions.

Would this be good as a visual novel? Maybe along the lines of Radical Dreamers with a battle system. Should I take another crack at this story? Am I abusing the attachment function? Is it crap? ... hee

The planned ending was almost the same though a bit more serious and elaborate than the true good ending in the Dream Chasers rpg.
Chapter 1: Rygel
Chapter 2: Risa (incomplete)
Chapter 3: Kira
Chapter 4: Farewell My Friends
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#2 Post by DrakeNavarone » Fri Jun 02, 2006 5:33 pm

Where's the rest of it?!?! Ahh! The suspense!

Anyway, I liked it and am eagerly looking forward to the rest of it. All of your works have a simple elegance to them that's hard to find, and this is no exception. I downloaded (and am still playing) the Dream Chasers RPG so it's definetly nice to get a more background on the characters. I estimate that I'm about half way through the game, maybe a little further, so there may be things later on that I haven't reached yet... But the game hardly introduces the main characters at all, and that was one of its weaknesses.

I am enjoying the game, but this story, with the details of Rygel's and Risa's past, make the whole thing a more complete experience. Now hurry up and give us Kira's tale!!

(Oh man, I was hoping to avoid any distractions since I'm working on a story of my own at the moment, but I think this just convinced me to go and finish the RPG)
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Re: Dream Chasers - Original Fiction

#3 Post by mikey » Sat Jun 03, 2006 4:30 pm

lordcloudx wrote:Would this be good as a visual novel?
Hmmm... but if I download it, read it and think it would be good as a VN - and you make it into a VN, I will rob myself of the full VN experience - and I don't want to do that. So it's a complicated situation... :lol:

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