[BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#61 Post by ebi brain » Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:38 pm

Aaaaaw yeah!

I have been looking forward to this day :D
The demo is currently downloading,so I'm going to get into something warm (spent the entire day stomping through the rain with a friend of mine trying to find christmas presents) and then play the demo ^_^
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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#62 Post by Niki » Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:02 pm

Yay!! Thanks for the support and please give us your opinion on the demo! >w< Hope you have fun playing!!

Here's the companion promo to the Ishikawa/Nagisa one, for Atsushi fans~
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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#63 Post by clua » Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:10 pm

Hehe Im playing your demo...I really like how everything looks so united(I mean sometimes sprites, bgs and music doesnt get along)
also, I like the programming on the dialogues...It feels like they are really speaking(Because of the pauses)

Im forward of seeing it finished! :D!
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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#64 Post by teacup » Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:08 pm

The demo was better than I expected, and I had really high expectations. It's very impressive ;w;!
I love how you made it so atmospheric. I was drawn into it immediately and played it all the way through without stopping. I almost cried when I saw the demo was over. The music, the sprites, the sound effects all went together in a cohesive way.
I love the mystery feel of the story. I thought it was going to be mostly horror, but now you have me wanting to know the truth! ;A;
There were even parts that got my heart racing a little bit. Is it going to get even scarier later on?
My face was like O____O;; when that person screamed and the lights started flickering. Especially because of that creepy sound effect!!
Atsushi became my favorite in the end. <3
The only thing that bothered me was that the text constantly paused. I prefer it when the text flows smoothly. But that's just my personal preference, and I got used to it as the game went on. I didn't see any typos, but there was a part where Atsushi said "Though, it might be a little wet, though." I think only one 'though' is needed. ^^
Now I'm looking forward to the full game even more. Great job!!

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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#65 Post by 9:19 » Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:43 pm

Played the demo!

Like teacup said, everything fits together really well. I like the gloomy mood behind every background. The flickering lights were a nice touch. I was chicken so I muted the sound, no feedback there. One thing that bugs me is the
PA announcement telling all the students to stay in the building.
Is that even a spoiler? LOL, better safe than sorry. In my experience, fire drills, snow storm warnings and so forth usually involve evacuation or being sent home early. The only situations where I remember being shut in are earthquakes and intruder threats. Maybe that's just my district.

That aside, Atsushi gets a vote from me. I understand where the mc's coming from, but having nearly drowned once myself and emerged no worse for wear, I can't relate to him much. *shrug* Different strokes for different folks.

Anyway, I enjoyed the demo a lot. Good job!

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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#66 Post by HigurashiKira » Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:27 pm

Alright, first thing's first: Congrats on the demo. As said by the others, the demo looks great, almost professional-level work. Second, the sound effects are top-notch, which is usually a hard thing to get right in a noncommercial work. However, there are a few minor things:
*Nagisa's narration: You really don't need to have Nagisa's namebox on the screen during his narration, if he's the main protagonist we'll subconciously know that it's his thoughts that are being told to us. (However, this point is moot if you plan on having the others narrate certain parts)
*The menu's SFX: The water-droplet sound is more comiedic than spine-chilling. Maybe find a better SFX to use?

Besides those two things, I think this will shape up into something fantastic!
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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#67 Post by Sexy Yuri » Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:39 pm

I play the demo and it was great. :lol: *Non Yaoi person*

I have to agree with HigurashiKira with the mc being screen with the others. Maybe he could be in side image or something. When I was reading what the mc thoughts were I thought he was saying it out aloud. :lol:

I was pretty clueless about the beginning.. Was he running away from the ocean or something? O.o

Besides that great!

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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#68 Post by Patty » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:19 pm

Wow, a demo! :D Will play now. This just made my Christmas Eve! ^_^

Edit: Just finished playing :D

Good points:

It was very atmospheric. *A* The chilling narration and bgm made me feel the situation.
Lot's of choices. The demo really made me go back and see what would happen if I chose different choices. (I was shocked that a demo had this many choices, or maybe I just don't play demos much)
Good amount of cgs for a demo.
Everything meshes well. The backgrounds and sprites fit, and the music adds to the horror-ness. ^_^

Bad points:
In the lights flicker on and off scene, the scare factor lessened for me since even if the classroom was dark, I could still see the sprites fine and bright. You did a pretty good job on the lighting for the background image though. :)
There was some part of Ishikawa's dialogue (Tried to look for it again, but couldn't. I swear I saw it though...). He was saying something about the water level. There was a sentence first, and then another sentence which was actually a dependent clause. I recall it was something like: "Sentence here." "When I checked." It kind of bothered me since I'm a bit conscious of grammar. ^^;;
I'm super excited for the full game. ^_^ When I saw the End of Demo screen, my reaction was just ;_;
Best of luck in finishing the game!
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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#69 Post by Niki » Sat Dec 24, 2011 5:54 am

Thank you guys so much for the feedback!! ;-; It's our first real game, so we were a bit skeptical about the reception but the good comments totally made my day! I'm so glad people liked the atmosphere -- after coding and replaying our game so much we were mostly desensitized to it xD

About the pauses in the speech, we were attempting to go for (as clua said) a human speech-like effect... It's a personal preference of ours (>w<;) We know it might be an inconvenience to some -- not sure if it's possible, but perhaps there's a way to program the game so it can be disabled! We'll look into it. ^^ (Haha, we also thought it'd be a good way to keep the attention of the player, to make sure they're actually reading orz)

As for the grammar mistakes... :oops: They must have slipped our eyes ;-; Or maybe we weren't thorough enough with our final edits (too excited, haha), we apologize! m(__)m

Regarding Sexy Yuri and HigurashiKira's comments about MC narration -- we decided to include Nagisa's name in the namebox as there are some scenes where the unnamed Creeper speaks to Nagisa, so we didn't want there to be any confusion between the two... ><; It would be weird to put a ??? in the namebox, so we decided to add Nagisa's name into his narration (which is denoted by () brackets)... We'll consider your feedback and make changes!!

Also @Sexy Yuri:
The first scene is supposed to be Nagisa on a ship, being assaulted by -unnamed Creeper- and eventually thrown off. >< It's accompanied by my very... fail-looking painting of a ship at night (which looks nothing like a ship orz) so I apologize for the confusion!! ;-;
@HigurashiKira: We'll look into the SFX thing! Thanks for telling us~

Now that you mention it, you're right about the lighting! ;-; It never occurred to us... Thanks for the idea, we'll get to it asap!
We'd give too much away, but there is a reason why the students are asked to stay in the building... ;)
Glad you enjoyed it! We meant to end on a cliffhanger x) And knowing that the classroom scene made your heart race makes us really happy, since that's the intended effect \o/
@clua: Thank you so much! ;w; We were worried about the background clashing with the sprites, but it seems like it's not that much of a problem after all! Glad you liked the demo >W<

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that played the demo! We're really grateful for the support... we really hope to make Water's Edge a great game \o/ Ah, I'm so happy ;_;
(Should we have a favorite character poll? Though it's obvious who's the winner at present xD Out of all the other characters besides Nagisa, Atsushi has the most exposure so far... but it's only the first part of the game (the demo's not even a fifth~) >w<)
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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#70 Post by Joey » Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:48 pm

I cannot thank you people enough for playing the demo and providing feedback ;w; Rest assured all your suggestions will be taken into consideration and will totally help us improve the game when we release it for real!

We can't accept any compliments or kudos on the background art, music or sfx... They all came from free sources! It's stated in the credits under "extra", but to reiterate, all background art seen in this demo came from きまぐれアフター, SFX from Freesound.org and 効果音g and music from Senses Circuit, DOVA-SYNDROME and 甘茶の音楽工房.
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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#71 Post by Ginger » Sat Dec 24, 2011 10:16 pm

I'd been following this thread for a while, and finding that you two just released the demo made my week(: It was, in my opinion, absolutely amazing! I wish you the best of luck in continuing and completing it.

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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#72 Post by natsumachi » Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:51 pm

Ohhh, I quite enjoyed the demo. Very nicely atmospheric. And like others have already mentioned, the various elements of writing, sprites, bg and music were put together well.

A few points though: the transitions could've been more clear, especially when quite a bit of time passes. Perhaps with a little fade to black and then fade in again.
Also the classroom and stairwell bkg is kind of oddly dark and blue for daytime, even if it is stormy weather.

But still, great work! All the best for completing this game. I'll be looking forward to playing more.

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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#73 Post by Stargirl18 » Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:36 am

I have played the demo and the game so awsome ut. I really liked the game. This is type BL game i like very much. I think both the sound and the grapic whas very good. I think both writing,spirit,bg and the music whas so good and awsome. I have just one question for you. When are you going to complete Water's Edge?

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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#74 Post by MiSi » Sun Dec 25, 2011 4:01 pm

I downloaded the demo just now. I'll see, when I have time to play it.
Wait for my feedback ;)

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Re: [BL/Horror] Water's Edge (demo released 12/24)

#75 Post by Lumen_Astrum » Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:07 pm

Hm, I played through the demo just yesterday. To begin, I congratulate you for finishing a demo! Until now, none of my three projects has a demo, so just reaching to that point is a small success :3

I rather like the mood of the game, the demo itself showed a quite professional feel. The story itself flowed quite nice, but there's a question in my head that's going on:
Well, what really happened to Nagisa that made him fear water? I feel that the prologue didn't really elaborate much, except if it's really just supposed to be a teaser and the whole thing will be revealed mid-game.
Then, the part where the flood comes in. I was going after Atsuhi, well
I saved him from "drowning" when he fell in head-first in the water
and plus, at the part where the map menu comes in, I didn't really know where to go and I ended up going in the wrong places XD I only realized I should go in the third years when Atsuhi said something like "What are we doing here?" XD
And back into the flood part well, I don't think that they'd like to keep the students in after a flood, right? When a storm comes in, the students or the faculty would like to have at least a contact on the outside world, like a TV in the faculty. In here, one of the students have a phone that has a TV in it that'll keep us updated everytime a strong rain comes, in case The DepEd would like to suspend classes. If the reception was cut as soon as the storm hit, you can ignore everything I said. XD But seriously, you could have at least tried suspending classes in there, but Nagisa and Atsuhi and the rest can't make it out because of the rising water level.
The music was also nice, I like how in some parts you didn't put music but instead only an "ambiance" tone in it. I actually didn't notice there was music until
the lights flickered in the classroom or something. XD
The only in-game thing that bugged me was Nagisa's narration. It would have stood out better if you remove the Nagisa tag and the parenthesis when he's narrating. And also the pauses... I first thought that the pause were the won't-continue-until-you-click type, until I accidentally missed some text because I keep on clicking. XD

Overall, good job! I'm looking forward to your release~

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