Little Confetti (VN,romance)

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Re: Little Confetti (VN,romance)

#16 Post by Arcanum » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:54 am

The art is sooooo good. I love how detailed the painting is, although it's chibi art. Not many people use that kind of painting in chibis at all, and I think it made a nice effect. The design of the characters and their clothes is also incredibly nice, the uniforms looks SO PRETTY. They're individual, but share traits, what makes them awesome <3 The backgrounds also look adorable from what I can see! I hope you update this post soon *g*

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Re: Little Confetti (VN,romance)

#17 Post by veleries » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:00 pm

Hello everyone, sorry for the late update >.<
Went overseas for several months and the connection forbid me from login into this forum ;;;A;;;
<IDK something like your IP is banned..what the......>

And thank you so much for the support!! Feel so overwhelmed orzz ;;A;;

So...the update so far is....

I've been meeting with someone from a game company, and asked them if it's possible to distribute&published Little Confetti,
So far we have only a gentleman agreement to work together to bring this game into the market...


Due to several reasons we couldn't do it right away, and the guy suggested me to offer some free sample, to see people's C&C...
So....I'll upload the sample version of this game for people to try and see <and hopefully kind enough to give some feedback ^^>

I'll post the link as soon as I finished uploading it, the connection is kinda sucks in my country....

If anyone resides in Malaysia, you can get a copy of this game (full version) for cheap price this December :D
More info >>>

See ya!

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