Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, BxG]

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Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, BxG]

#1 Post by Khadrian » Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:00 pm

Five is a story about a boy who has returned to his home town after six years to find that things aren't how he remembers them, and that there are even things that he has completely forgotten. Despite having an ever so popular high school setting in the always loved country of Japan, the focus of Five is not quite the everyday struggles of a high school student, nor an awkward romance forming behind the school. Instead Five looks at the troubles had when you find yourself being protected by a fox, and hunted by another; the misunderstandings of missing memories; and the realization of being more then you had ever thought. So follow Natsu Kuragi as he returns to his home town in search of normalcy, and is instead met with an undesired truth and a centuries old conflict.

  • Have you ever wanted something so bad that you were willing to do anything in order to obtain it? Well for Natsu Kuragi that's something he's never really had. Growing up Natsu only really ever had one friend, which was enough for him, until he suddenly moved before entering Junior High. Now, in the second year of High School, Natsu has returned to his home town and reunited with his childhood friend Kana Koeyume. After learning the truth about a classmate, Itsuko Kogitsune, various events lead to the resurrection of the nine-tailed fox Tamamo-no-Mae. Natsu is left with no choice but to join a club consisting of everyone involved in Tamamo-no-Mae's plot in order to make sure everyone stays safe. As Natsu begins to learn more about himself and the others in his club various truths about his past begin to become clear. What plot could Tamamo-no-Mae be planning, and what part does Natsu play in it? As Natsu begins to remember who he is will he be able to stop the legendary nine-tailed fox?

  • Natsu Kuragi
    hair | brown
    eyes | green
    personality | Unmotivated; Protective
    Bio: Natsu is the Protagonist. At a glance he's is
    your average high-schooler, but to say so is not
    quite accurate. Natsu himself may not be aware
    of it, and despite what he would like, he isn't
    exactly normal. Now, as everything around Natsu
    seems to be getting further and further from the
    normalcy that he desires, Natsu begins to learn
    more about himself, and about who he really is.

    Kana Koeyume:
    hair | brown
    eyes | brown
    personality | introvert; dependable
    Bio: Kana is often quiet, but only because she is
    always thinking. She's a member of the track team
    at the recommendation of a friend, and even though
    she's rather good, she's never actually enjoyed it

    Itsuko Kogitsune:
    hair | light-auburn
    eyes | golden-brown
    personality | eccentric; energetic; protective
    Bio: Itsuko is a girl that runs at her own tempo.
    Even if you were to try to slow her down, you
    would only be caught up in her pace. However
    despite her playful nature that always looks for fun,
    if it involves Natsu's safety, she will become something
    to be feared. Oh, and it may be easy to forget at
    times, but Itsuko is in fact a fox.

    Kagura Inaba:
    hair | black
    eyes | brown
    personality | independent
    Bio: Kagura is always alone, however this is a personal
    choice of hers. She is a rather boyish in not only
    appearance, but also attitude. Kagura is often irrationally
    irritated by something, usually something involving Natsu.

    hair | white
    eyes | blue
    personality | childish
    bio: Rin is a small little-sister-like girl who has some
    kind of obsession with Itsuko. Despite her often innocent,
    though occasionally questionable, interactions with
    Itsuko, she is often vicious in her verbal attacks against
    Natsu. Rin is also a fox.

    hair | black/white
    eyes | yellow
    personality | calculating; whimsical
    bio: Winter, who once went by the name of Tamamo-no-Mae,
    a legendary nine-tailed fox, is this story's antagonist. Even
    though Winter knows almost everything, and everything so far
    has gone according to her plan, Winter can't help but enjoy playing
    with the lives of Natsu and his friends. Because it's so easy for her
    to control the flow of events, she enjoys acting on her whims.

Current Team Members:
Khadrian - Writer
Ezri - Character Artist

-Demo is down for revision, will be brought back when script is reworked, and art stand-ins are ready and in place.
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Re: Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, Kitsune]

#2 Post by Taleweaver » Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:31 am

It may still be a little early to call this a Work In Progress, so I'm moving it to the Ideas forum.

And to answer your question: yes, you can use the BxG tag to show that there is a romantic male-to-female option.
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Re: Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, Kitsune, BxG]

#3 Post by Khadrian » Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:16 am

-no longer relevant-
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Re: Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, Kitsune, BxG]

#4 Post by gekiganwing » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:17 am

How much will we learn about the main character Natsu? Is he a blank slate character, or will he have an interesting personality?

Will you create multiple endings, and perhaps character routes? If so, it sounds like "friendship" and "solve the mystery" could all be meaningful good endings.

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Re: Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, Kitsune, BxG]

#5 Post by Khadrian » Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:06 pm

<edit> As progress with Five is steadily made I'm trying to clean up some of the messy trail my inexperience has left.

Natsu is in a way rather stereotypical as a protagonist of a story such as Five. He lacks motivation, and wants to live a normal, or at least simple, life. The main plot revolves around who Natsu is, and like any protagonist he grows stronger from encountering and overcoming conflict. Of course not always physical conflict, and not always physical growth.
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Re: Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, Kitsune, BxG]

#6 Post by Khadrian » Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:15 am

OP is currently being redone, so character images are currently down, but the chapter 1 demo (text only atm) is finally up which can be found here.

<edit> OP is up to date with concept art now. Character Descriptions and Story Synopsis are something I fail at...

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Re: Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, BxG] update (2/2/2013

#7 Post by Khadrian » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:44 pm

Hello again everyone! So I haven't really posted any 'progress' related updates yet, and I thought that posting a couple script snippets might be interesting. Well the first one is from the first chapter so if you've by chance read the demo then it won't seem new, nor much of an update, but I wanted to show some various moods that are expressed in the story. What do you think of posting script snippets like this? Is it something anyone would be interested in seeing more of? Please give me your opinion.

Code: Select all

"When I get to the roof, Itsuko is sitting on the bench again."
"She pats the seat next to her, as if she's asking me to take a seat."
"I comply, hoping that she will answer some of the questions I have."
"The moment I sit down though, she lays her head on my lap and looks up at me."

Itsuko "Meow!"

"The animal ears I've seen once before are sticking out from her hair, and she has her hands bent like paws."
"I immediately stand up, knocking her off my lap as I do, and begin to walk away."
"I should have known not to let my guard down around her."

Itsuko "Wait, Natsu!""
Itsuko "I'm sorry, I'll be serious."

Natsu "Serious?"
Natsu "How?"
Natsu "You're like some kind of evil cat-person."

Itsuko "Evil cat-person?"

"Itsuko laughs to herself for a moment."

Itsuko "Meow, I will take over the world, meow!"

"I can't help but feel like I'm being mocked here..."

Natsu "Okay then, how about you tell me what you are?"
Natsu "You're obviously not normal."
now for a more dramatic and serious scene!

Code: Select all

"It was wrong of me to assume that Kana hadn't changed after all this time."
"I should have known that she couldn't possibly be the only thing to have stayed the same."
"I should have realized what was behind her smile... what she was really feeling."

Kyouko "Don't be angry with yourself, Natsu."

"I hear Kyouko speak from behind me."
"How long has she been there?"

Kyouko "After all, the smile that she always wore in front of you was real."
Kyouko "There's no way that you could have possibly seen something that she so perfectly hid."
Kyouko "Not when it's something that even she herself didn't want to see."

Natsu "Just leave me alone, please."

Kyouko "Natsu, Is this really the right time for you to sulk?"
Kyouko "Or is there something more important that you should be doing?"
What did you think of these two scenes? Would you like to see more updates like these?

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Re: Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, BxG]

#8 Post by Ran08 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:19 pm

Such kawaii art! Love love love. I like the story too! So interesting. I wonder if the fox has anything to do with his memories. Haha. :)) I shall be looking out for this!

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Re: Five [Slice-of-Life, Supernatural, BxG]

#9 Post by Khadrian » Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:10 am

Thanks Ran08, I'm glad you're interested. Knowing that there are people interested keeps me writing. (And I agree with you about the art)

So, Natsu just got a sketch! Things are moving along, and I'm really liking where they're going. To celebrate progress, here's a small teaser of a recently completed scene :D
During a Club trip in the Summer Natsu is captured by an O-tengu :shock: , but don't worry, he's not alone! Indeed, Kagura was captured as well :| . The O-tengu seems to sense something about both Natsu and Kagura that he feels to be a threat to his forest. What ever could it be??

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