A Painful Spell (Fantasy, Dram, Romance)

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A Painful Spell (Fantasy, Dram, Romance)

#1 Post by Heavenbornvip » Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:50 pm

"I just started writing this, and I need your thoughts.
The Story is about a girl, Ella, who has everything in life, but is haunted by a spell that changes her life forever.
Ella can feel peoples pain, and the darkness inside them, and this has always kept her from being happy.
She will go on a journey to find a happy and clean soul, and become one with to breakaway from the painful spell.
But Can Ella give up the love she feels just to be happy with someone else. Play Ella in this VN and you decide!"

I'm only writing this, and if there is anyone who wants this script, you can have it. I MUST get the credit though. If there is someone who wants to partner with me, do let me know. As for the concept of the story, I think it's pretty rare.

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Re: A Painful Spell (Fantasy, Dram, Romance)

#2 Post by RubyGem » Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:08 pm

I agree that the general concept is pretty rare but I admit it is not completely original. Nonetheless, it seems interesting.

Um, your post was rather short and vague. So, I think that it'll be better if you provided more information on your idea. Because, in my opinion, that short a post can get people interested and all but it doesn't really hook them to your idea unless given more information to draw them in and increase their interest in your idea.

I think that's all I pretty much have to say. I hope you do provide more info (like maybe the character info-even if the're short) but I'm still interested in your idea so hopefully, you can get a team (since you're only writing) make this into an actual VN.

Good luck :)

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