The Treated [Sci-fi, Romance, School, Action]

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The Treated [Sci-fi, Romance, School, Action]

#1 Post by MayPeX » Mon Dec 30, 2013 4:31 pm

The Treated


This is a story of morals, loyalty, loss, love and friendship.

The year is 2031, humanity have managed to blur the lines of life and morals. Advancement in medical research has grown exponentially but eventually hit a brick wall, human incompatibility of stem cell created organs. With this problem scientists started to look towards the genetics of the animal kingdom. A new form of medicine was made originating from the realms of Japan to combat and permanently remove illnesses by using the genetic make ups of animals, scientists were able to find a way to 'fix' people. However they did not know of the consequence that would lead the human race to question itself. Was it right to mess with Mother Nature's children?

At first it was assumed that the treatment was just a cure with no side effects. Within weeks of the application, all patients who volunteered no longer suffered from their diesease. With the approval of the heads of medical research this new treatment was shipped globally.

Out of the patients who took part in the testing fell into comatose several weeks after the treatment. They remained coma for several months before awakening again, when they awoke they had found that their appearance had changed.

The new treatment did not only cure the patient of their illnesses, it also gave them new additions both physically and biologically. The genetic coding of the treated individual is altered with specific traits of the animal they were treated with including physically resemblance to that animal.

This new technology was guardedly accepted into society after periods of trial. What began as a means of medicine turned into something of cultural fashion, but it was not long till it was abused and became an international issue. With the impending collapse of world society a new world funded organisation was formed, the T.E.A. (Treated Enforcement Administration).

The Japanese government owned up to the responsibility of the research and thus sanctioned a solution. The northern province of Japan was to used as a staging ground for the T.E.A. with the backing of the United Nations, European Union and other world superpowers the T.E.A. was to evict all current residents and prepare to build the largest prison known to mankind.

The year is now 2073, a great wall now borders all of Northern Japan. The T.E.A. Had renamed itself to the Treated Ethnic Administration The wall itself is a super-structure containing an internal complex of the T.E.A. And all of it's multinational operations. Those who now reside within these walls are the victims, criminals and bystanders of the events that began in 2031.

North Japan is now called the "Prison Country" by social media. Essentially Humanity has alienated those affected by the medicine of 2031 to carry out their lives in a second world while a solution to eradicate the problem is made.

These people affiliated with this medicine are referred to the world as, "Treated".


With the passing of his father, Henkou Ashikaga being the eldest sibling in a family of five gave up his hopes and dreams to support his struggling mother, two sister, (one of same age other younger) and a younger brother. Henkou bounced around from various local jobs, but they were barely cutting ends meet in finance. This is when Henkou turns to job prospects within the T.E.A. he enrolls as an enforcer at the age of sixteen to guard the walls and apprehend any escapees. He is taken under the supervision of Marina Engel.

Three years later of service Kenkou is offered a new position within the T.E.A. by Marina. The new job would be to work as a undercover agent known as Ghosts, a division kept in secret even to most branches of the T.E.A. Because of the rise in pay and compensation available Kenkou accepts the offer.

To be able to walk among the “Treated” as an operative, Kenkou first must look like one! With this new change Kenkou is sent into the prison country as a deniable operative to fulfill tasks the T.E.A. request of him.

In his time in the prison country Kenkou attends the local High School inside the district he operates in. Kenkou will learn and experience the life that was torn away from him, he will meet various characters that will shape him in many ways. All while maintaining a false identity as a pure human in a world of animal like beings.

Other Information:

This will be a Kinetic Novel with a few choices that will alter the route of the story. The length goal of the novel will be aiming towards over 6 hours of reading.

The novel is going to be free, that's final.

A draft version of the theme to The Treated has been composer, however this is going to change slightly in various ways. [Title Theme.]

In the future when the story is knitted together and programming has actually began, it may be possible I will be search for additional members to participate. However if you are interested in contributing anything, (music, sounds, art, writing, etc) then please feel free to message me.



MayPeX - Writer, Programmer, Composer, Sound Designer.

[IConscriptI] - Background Artist

Special thanks to friends at College and Uni for devoting some of their time to muse over ideas with me and visually some concepts.

Main Characters:

Henkou Ashikaga:
The protagonist of the story, age 19. Comes across as a stoic character but struggles to manage his worry for his family. Perceptive, agile and lean, however academically he is below what is expected of his age. Never got to experience a real high school life. He may have a snarky attitude at times but once devoted to something he is furiously loyal.

[Henkou Concept Drawing]

Aya Ohara:
Age 18. Active, upbeat, cheerful and somewhat mischievous. She was one of the many that chose to don the animal appendages for fashion. Despite dealing with the imprisonment Aya never fails to smile or play about, she has accepted her look and does not regret a thing. Where the girl walks, trouble follows her one way or another. Her arm hairs are replaced with feathers, thus turning her arms into wings. Whether she is able to fly or not is another question.

Hikari Bowen:
Age 17. Shy, quiet but when she sings, she sores. Her mother was Japanese singer and her farther was English composer. Hikari learned to sing, read and write music at young age, however her asthma that was inherited from the father's side of the family prevented her to progress further. That was until she was treated with the makeup of a mountain goat, her asthma was rid of, her voice was exceptionally powerful. Except for the growth of horns on her head. Despite being a rather harmless individual she is to be treated with caution by T.E.A. officials, two spikes on a head can make for a nasty accident.

Setsuko Mikami:
Age 17. Blunt, cold and out spoken. Unlike many others, Setsuko was one of the minority who were born "Treated". Brought up within a family of samurai origin with close Shinto belief. Her parents believed Setsuko to be close to the fox deity during birth, sadly her mother died shortly after. Most of her early life was spent living at the family temple being treated as a symbol and sometimes prayed to. When the T.E.A. formed her secluded life became no more. She suffers from a lack of academics more so than others.

Usagi Kaneko:
Age 18. Aggressive, confrontational and restrained. At a young age Usagi wished for a pet, however she was not committed to look after it despite the words she promised and the pet died. Following this Usagi was involved in an accident that damaged her hearing. When she was admitted to receive the new medicine, she ending up becoming the animal she abandoned. When she was moved into the prison country Usagi joined local gangs in order to not feel like someone’s pet.

Marina Engel:
Age 27. Calm, cool and to the point. Marina is a German T.E.A. Supervisor. Due to the T.E.A. multinational interactions, Marina is adept in several languages. She has worked within the T.E.A. for just over a decade and watched over the progression of Henkou when he signed up. However her role of Supervisor is just a secondary title. Marina is a Lead Directive within the Ghost division in the T.E.A. Her actual position is off records as the Ghost division is exactly what it is, a ghost.
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Re: The Treated [Sci-fi, Romance, School, Action]

#2 Post by gekiganwing » Tue Dec 31, 2013 7:03 am

It's possible to isolate people on an island. Therefore, your characters might end up on a near-future version of Hokkaido. There are other islands in today's world which aren't connected to other places by tunnels, and which can't be reached through a short swim.

Keep in mind that I said "possible" rather than "easy" because people have been building boats for thousands of years. Trying to isolate people in a landlocked region is not much easier, because they can build tunnels, scale walls, and create flying machines. An organized rebellion could overcome a military unit trying to enforce the borders. So... what's keeping people from leaving the prison country?

Another concern: what happens when a region is forcibly cut off from the world? The movie Doomsday is one fictional example, as it features a post-lethal-plague Scotland, separated by a new Hadrian's Wall. While your prison country might not be a chaotic disaster zone, I don't think it would be prosperous. If schools still exist there, I think they would be struggling to survive. So... how is life in the place where the Treated live?

One last question: you said, "This will be a Kinetic Novel with a few choices that will alter the route of the story." In other words, will there be a single ending, but also a few different events that can happen?

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Re: The Treated [Sci-fi, Romance, School, Action]

#3 Post by MayPeX » Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:23 am

That will be something to consider deeply, never thought of using Hokkaido as a possible setting. Food for thought.

To sort of answer the next two questions in one go:

The T.E.A's standing military/police division actively operate within the walls. Some examples may include District 9 and Elysium as reference. The prison country is a police state there are curfews at night, inspections, etc. This is not to say that there is full control over the populace, there are those who wish to be free and cause an up rising. Riots and protests are events not unheard of. The prison country has its own underground movement, the T.E.A. Know this so that's one reason why they are active within the walls itself.

As for life in the walls, it's not too much different from what you'd expect today. However housing for the numbers is an issue so shelters are set up to accommodate till future development of the country is made. They have their own economy, jobs, limited transportation. The T.E.A. also offer other non-military careers in teaching, medicine, construction, welfare and more for humans to work inside the country. The potential risk is high so the pay is marginally higher with added security personnel.

So life is not much different than it is now, apart from those in it are isolated from the rest of the world due to their difference in appearance. Struggling though? I guess they aren't much better off due to the constraints of law enforcement and order.

Perhaps the term Kinetic novel was the wrong term to use, I'll be altering this. What I was really trying to get across is that it's a visual novel with multiple endings, a common route with choices that do not effect the story, (choices to dive deeper into the character/world history) and then reach the branching routes for each girl in the story. Two endings per girl and then an additional two endings should you not choose to go down their routes.

Thanks for the response! It helps me clear up the world I'm trying to create. :)

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