Chains of The Ancients [BXG] [BXB] (Romance/Action/Mythical)

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Chains of The Ancients [BXG] [BXB] (Romance/Action/Mythical)

#1 Post by Serreguelas » Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:12 am

Story: Chains of the Ancients

Genre: Romance, Action, Mythological, Slice of Life, Drama, Comedy.

Classification: BXG, BXB.

Summary: Modern Day America. The Melting Pot. An age of Multiculturalism. A Dark power can be felt throughout the land, slowly awakening. James, a boy who has been preparing for this event his whole life, detects this threat but lacks the power to locate and stop it. To do that, he has to find another person with that strength, but they are all scattered across the city. These people are either descendants of Gods and Goddesses or reincarnations, or even mediums depending on their particular culture.On the day where the power of the ancients echo loudly throughout the city, he must scour the urbanscape and find one who can aid him in his journey. He must choose one for time is running out, and to gain their trust and prepare to face this threat, only one person must do.
Concepts: One of the aspects in this vn is the concept and importance of 'faith'. 'Faith' is treated like a sort of energy source for the ancients, and comes from the acknowledgement and beliefs of a person. In short, Greek Gods exist and are still powerful because the people are still aware of them. They know who they are, and because of that, they continue to 'exist'. Too little of this faith dooms them to be forgotten and as a consequence, vanish from the world.

Another is the concept of themes. Each character deals with a theme that reflects their lifestyle. While each route brings the main character and the other person closer, they also face questions and obstacles that are reflected in their manner of living. An example is the theme of existentialism and why it matters to the corresponding character. Of course this will not be delved into too deeply as to keep it light. This concept may make the whole VN sound arrogant, but I will do my best to temper it to make sure that it is more sympathetic for the character rather than the state of the world.

-The VN features Seven characters for the main character to choose from.
-There will be a friendship route or a romance route for each character.
-There is no bad end.
-Each route should be about 2-4 hours.
-There will be CG. (How many is still in discussion with the artist).
-Interpretations of Gods or Goddesses of the characters corresponding culture.


Name: Askuwheteau James Forrester
Age: 19
Height: 5'10”
Culture Representation: Native America - He who is destined to protect the world. Spirit Animal: Bear
Occupation: Training to be a park ranger.
Personality Concept: Serious. "Believes in the end justifies the means" idea. Stubborn. Has expectations with who he works with. Has a silly side however, but is shown rarely.
History: James was born into a life of poverty and strong spirituality. When he was born he was prophesized by the local shaman that he would play a part in the prevention of the destruction of the world. From this revelation, he worked hard and prepared himself physically, mentally, and spirituality. On the coming day when the spiritual power of those who hold the links to the ancients, and to the divine, he searches into the city to find the person who will help him save the world from darkness.

Name: Millie Jane Browsen
Age: 18
Height: 5'6
Culture Representation: Texan. Gained Favor with the Gods. Spirit Animal: Coyote
Occupation: Student
Personality Concept: Determined, sharp, and intelligent. Speaks with flirtatious tones, but do not have any meaning. Somewhat of a loner, but this is merely her nature.
History: Millie was born to loving parents who worked in the theater world and spent most of their free time in the great outdoors. During these trips, Millie would wander around the paths exploring nature and making an adventure of it all. One day, in one of these many trips, she met an odd person...

Name: Alexander Theodore
Age: 20
Height: 6'3”
Culture Representation: Greek – Descendant of Hercules
Occupation: College Student– US Football, Scholarship
Personality Concept: Cocky yet good natured. Gentle but Aggressive in desires. Hard working and Gutsy. Has a strong sense of right and wrong. Likes people who value justice.
History: Alexander comes from a lower middle class family due to his father being the only one who works. His mother, is a housewife. Because he's the eldest of three siblings, he grew up with a sense of responsibility and had the foundations of a hard work ethic that he nurtured throughout his life. Due to his bloodline, he has strong supernatural sense and enhanced physical abilities. However, his full strength can only be unleashed once he realizes his potential since he has no knowledge of his ancestry.

Name: Delilah Ambrose
Age: 21
Height: 5'9”
Culture Representation: Greek – Daughter of Aphrodite
Occupation: Part time model. Sorority president. College Student - Chem major.
Personality Concept: Vain but honest about it. Has strong leadership skills. Cool, confident, she is treated as one of the queen's of the school and carries strong influence. Likes people who challenge her.
History: Aware of her parentage, Delilah has always used her charms to get what she wants, but wants to be valued for her work. She is one of the few who notices the evil awakening in the land, but
is frustrated by the inability to pinpoint it. She inherited her mother's strong sense of magic, but
she lacks enough to be able to clearly locate the power. In the meantime, she carries on as if nothing is happening, yet as she meets James she is both surprised and delighted at the opportunity to seal the power, reasoning that this would cement her a place in the heavens. However until then, she tests the worthiness of the MC as her partner in dealing with this threat.

Name: Sister Mary Bernadette
Age: 18
Height: 5'5”
Culture Representation: Italian Roman Catholic – One who has visions, Speaker to the High Angel Gabriel.
Occupation: Sister.
Personality Concept: Quiet and mousy, but has a strong will. Worldly, yet naïve. Doubtful at her capabilities but has the fires of courage. Kind and determined, she represents the good in the world.
History: None of the nuns could understand why on one rainy night, at the strike of twelve, they found a child abandoned at the doorstep of the convent. Due to laws banning the church adoption of children, one of the women who lived and worked in the convent offered to take the child with the support of the sisters. The upbringing of the child was a peaceful and humble existence. They lived with modest means, and were often financially supported by the nuns. In gratitude and due to a sense of calling, she joined the church as a sister. Throughout her life, she has always had visions of an evil arising, ready to wreak havoc in the world bringing forth an age of destruction. These were accompanied by the voice of a man, and his appearance like that of wings, urging her to stop it.

Name: Hazel Gomburza D. Kalipayon
Age: 21
Height: 5'7”
Culture Representation: Filipino – The chain that retains the ancients of her land.
Occupation: Waitress, considering being in trade school. Writes books in her spare time.
Personality Concept: Cheerful, a my pace kind of girl. Frugal, non-materialistic, creative, she likes to mess around and see what this or that choice may create. Prefers to let people lead and she follows. However she can take charge when there is no power to follow.
History: The Philippine Gods and Goddesses's time ended when the Spaniards rowed ashore. With the introduction of the monotheist God, people slowly stopped believing in these deities of ages, the ones they used to worship.This affected the Gods slowly, and soon their powers began to drain, and slowly they began to vanish slowly forgotten by the people. The fortunate ones were given Christian titles, and continue to live on with another identity. Those who did not, hid in the churches, the chapels. Taking what trickling faith they could collect and hid there to persevere. Some who had any of their gifts left, performed miracles which were credited to the monotheist God but took the faith in order to survive. Their numbers began to diminish as knowledge of them slowly continued to fade from the minds of the people. Hazel was born to a family whose bloodlines could be traced to medicine healers who served the datus. Inheriting their strong spirit, Hazel had a special gift. This gift was put into practice one day. She was in the library when she chanced upon a book about the country's mythology. Curious, she read it and as she read each God and Goddess, she felt something resonate within her. She looked around, and people began to appear, otherworldly in appearance and confusion etched in their faces. She realized that she was face to face with these Gods and Goddesses! The gift she held was a mixture of her ancestry, the memory the held and the creativity she always had. This mixture allowed her to retain and sustain these beings so long as she had knowledge of them. Once she graduated high school, her family moved to the states, and to make sure she was kept safe, the divine beings followed her, all blending in the city, leading normal lives and working careers. When she felt darkness one day, she was advised by her 'friends', as she now called these beings, to keep out of it.

Name: Rashid
Age: 23
Culture Representation: Indian – The powerful who must regain what he needs most.
Occupation: Accountant
Personality Concept: Tsun. (Still building this)
History: (Still building this)

Artist: Lady Parliament
Concept Art: Coming up soon!
Progress on Scripts: 15%

Program: Ren'Py!
Missing: Music!
So yes, that's what we have so far. ^^ We will be updating ASAP~

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Re: Chains of The Ancients [BXG] [BXB] (Romance/Action/Mythi

#2 Post by Ran08 » Mon May 19, 2014 1:16 am

I like the story! Haha. I think it would be pretty interesting. And I'm quite excited for the concept art. Hahaha. Looking forward to this~

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Re: Chains of The Ancients [BXG] [BXB] (Romance/Action/Mythi

#3 Post by Broodelin » Mon May 19, 2014 1:19 am

I think this will be really interesting. I like the idea of mythical vibes in the real world.

Did you happen to get inspiration from Neil Gaiman's American Gods? If so, I would like to nerd out about the book with you in private. ;)

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Re: Chains of The Ancients [BXG] [BXB] (Romance/Action/Mythi

#4 Post by Llunet1 » Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:21 pm

Hm. I'm curious to see how this will turn out :)
It's an interesting idea, and I can see how it will work well for a VN. I'll be watching how this progresses~

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