Requiem of Time [BxG] [Action/Drama/Fantasy] [Chronicles]

Ideas and games that are not yet publicly in production. This forum also contains the pre-2012 archives of the Works in Progress forum.
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Requiem of Time [BxG] [Action/Drama/Fantasy] [Chronicles]

#1 Post by uselessp » Sun May 04, 2014 11:11 am

Ah, ah~~ Testing, testing! Hello there to everyone in the forum. I HAVE RETURNED!!
Yeah, okay. I'm sorry for a long absence due to how busy my school life (AND realistic house drama) is. Time flew fast when one didn't want it to be. Haaa...... Whatever. Anyway, I am right now developing this game but still..... I don't think it deserve a seat in the works-in-progress section so let's just make it in Idea. Rather, I'm in need of dire help here since this game is an episodic one..... :(

Now then, about the game.... here's an old CG I've made:
From the beginning, in this world, there are almighty beings called gods. Among them, there is a group of three called [Ancestral Trinity] that liberated the world from hellish chaos. As the passage of time goes by, a prayer offered devotedly to one single existence created an accidental summoning, if not for fate, as a miracle. But what's with this person? That detached being from everything started to move the gears of time. In accordance, the secrets he possessed may save the world........ or will he do the opposite?
"Sooner or later, everything will return to nothingness. Now, then. Can you find other answer that will make me not to kill you for the sake of everything that exists?" ----Taken from Phase 0

The One Who Watches the Beginning, the End and Beyond: Memoria (Phase 0)
He's the MC and probably the source why troubles appeared. In a way he is also the master mind of the ensuing Phases but..... why is he so desperate to carry that ill-suited duty?

The One Who Shines the Path of Truth: Genesis (Phase 0)
A kind goddess that is also deeply involved in the story. She's the ultimate symbol of happiness and has a strong (if not explosive) emotions. Also, she's a klutz in the most terrible way (a big one too). The leader of the [Ancestral Trinity].

The One Who Returned Everything to the Point of Origin: Interitus (Phase 0)
A honest-to-a-fault god. He's an existence that could harvest the livings' souls easier than breathing. He is reserved in front of his twin sibling and will surely turn the world as his enemy should it insult her. Second in-command within [Ancestral Trinity].

For the time being the three above are the main characters. As a teaser, there is a fixed cover for Phase 0 and Phase I for you all~~

Phase 0

Phase I

The Progress of Development so Far........
It's messy, so be warned. Also, I want to find a few who can assist me in drawing and music. And I am currently building the first two Phases' scripts as main objective for now.
1. Phase 0: Script is 25% completed. Currently focusing on deepening the characters' relationships. In trouble for appropriate Background Images and BGMs. Also, a share of help and advice for ren'py visual effects please..... Planned to have simple CGs with small amount. Will use a rather monotonous (colored pencil) style of drawing due to inexperience at digital coloring department but still welcome anyone who want to try redrawing the sprites for the better (or for the worst).
2. Phase I: Script is at 90%, dealing with climax and ending. There is a problem in coloring CG department and BGM again. By the way, anyone can draw+color the heroine's character sprite? Has not spelling check yet.
3. Phase II: Prologue is mostly done. Not proof-read yet. The concept sprites for the fighting stances are underway. Will improve if there is a revelation again.
4. Phase III: No progress at all (LOL)! The last and therefore will be started after the remaining Phases are published. A probable fandisc version.

Release Date
Truthfully, there is not yet any scheduled release. As I have stated beforehand, my life as a high school student will soon end in a one-and-half-a-year. I have to think further on my future schedule due to how hopeless I am but I'll keep an eye on the forum, the VN, blog and e-mail at my best capability. I'll do my very best to complete it.

Fun Facts
-This VN is more or less a MASSIVE PROJECT given birth from delusions alone. I've been thinking of it from junior high school (maybe due to chuuni-disease as well?) but I can hardly die in peace should it not be completed. So forgive me if I'm being a little ambitious despite how small my experience in the VN-making industry.
-The title is as it implies but there is sub-title for each of the Phase. While there are more than two games but they're still connected due to the dismays of OUTRAGEOUS amount of words used. Approximately four Phases accounted in the planning stage ;p
-The ones present here mostly exist in the Phase 0. Unfortunately, spoiling will get rid of the fun. Sorry.
-The style of the game will differ in the most fundamentally basic way.
-Probably from everything, Phase I is the shortest one. Wondering if I should merge it with Phase II or lengthen the plot story.
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Re: Requiem of Time [BxG] [Action/Drama/Fantasy] [Chronicles

#2 Post by peppermintdragon » Sun May 11, 2014 8:36 am

ooH!! The character are very interesting! :D And i love the designs!! I would play it if this really comes out ! ^^
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