Mythomane [GxB] [Otome, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi][WIP]

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Mythomane [GxB] [Otome, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi][WIP]

#1 Post by Elmvine » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:05 am

Mythomane [GxB] [Otome, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi]

The idea started way back, but I'm hoping to try again 2017 and create things during SuNoFes.
The world is full of magic and liars. Your name is Rita Grae. Once upon a time you were a very rich girl. Although, at that time you were too young to realise. Like most of your kind you found you have a slight knack for magic (in fact you're actually pretty damn good). But after losing everything you once knew, you now live on the streets conning people out of their clearly undeserved coin. That is until you get decide to become an apprentice mage. It seemed like a great idea, free food, a warm bed, and power. Yet things are not as straight forward as you had hoped. The school won't take girls.

Mythomane (placeholder title) is intended to be a short romance VN. It will be set in a fantasy setting where magic is commonplace, focusing on the high society rather than the adventurous grime for once. The world, however, is home to many civilisations and sentient species.
The location of the story. An old trading port that developed into a city - now known for its diverse cultures, species and races. A true mixing pot. An infinite cesspool of scumbags, conmen, and aliens. But it's home. Tightly packed streets, beautiful scarves, tapestries hanging out of windows shielding the authority's confrontational nature. It's not perfect, but it's home. Inter-specie couples, young apprentices learning the trade of craftmanship and refinement.

The Temple
The temple is the school of magic in any location. Although magic is common place, certified mages have been trained to push the boundaries of what is ordinarily feasible. Due to tradition on the battlefield mages are often leaders - however, the lack of war has since made certified mages redundant. They now seem to have connections in high places, secretly running major corporations, business and authorities in order to keep their respect and high status. Mages are traditionally male.


[WIP Descriptions]
Rita Grae (MC)
A young twenty something conwoman, well versed in magic. A curious trait for a woman, but her mother was also able to practice magic. Nonetheless, she is a gutsy flirt. In performances, she wears a wig and becomes a mysterious black haired beauty. The real Rita? She has very short hair, and a warm honey complexion. What some consider to be a lack of curves often leads her to be mistaken for a boy since she cut her hair. She seeks the guidance of Lord Cedric, to get her butt of the street and away from the grubby hands of The Eyes. She was once taken in by a couple owning a small inn. She doesn't talk about them much.
His name was given to him by means Old Friend. A name given to him by Lord Cedric. Many see him as a small and broken thing, with long blonde hair. Some see him as a small and broken thing. Most didn’t understand why the Lord Cedric kept him in his services.
Auden specialises in magic control.
A tanned blue haired boy, who is Cedric's apprentice. He takes a shining to Rita, and specialises in combat magic.
Lord Cedric
Cedric is very much a gentleman, and the eldest among the trio. Known for being an infamous sorcerer known for his slightly... unconventional means. Not many people know much about him, and live. Although, there are rumours.
Rita isn't sure what to call his teachings, but she does note his seeming love of waistcoats .

“He wore a loose shirt with sleeves rolled back and his collar open. He had short black tousled hair, his face was framed by a thick beard that made his features appear even harsher. Nonetheless, he was handsome, ruggedly so.”
Other Characters
Coming Soon. :)
Features Planned/Desired
Everyone likes magic.

*Non Romance Routes*
This isn't just an otome. There is plenty going on in the world of Shan-el'mar, and things to be discovered. Full of mysteries and secrets, there are things Rita doesn't know that she should.

*Tarot Style Endings*
Endings will be a custom patchwork of how your smaller choices have affected the world. No outright, good or bad endings, but a collection of consequences.
[*]Common Route: 90%
[*]Sub Plot A: --
[*]Sub Plot B: --
[*]Elijah's Route: 20%
[*]Cedric's Route: --
[*]Auden's Route: --
[*]Neutral Route: --

Script (SuNoFes): --
[*]Chapter One: 1.9k
Art: --

Just me right now. :)

Does the concept interest you?
What screen resolution would you like to play in?
Is there anything in particular you would like to see/not like to see in a story like this?
What other info should I add/include in the opening post?
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Re: Mythomane [SuNoFes] [GxB] [Otome, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-

#2 Post by Elmvine » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:06 am

13.04.17: Outline for Common Route completed. (Left at 90% as I intend to go back once all the routes are done, and start neatly tying things together for a fuller experience). Beginning Elijah's Route.
02.07.17 - SuNoFes has begun! Currently trying to do a demo script. At 1.9k words right now.
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Re: Mythomane [GxB] [Otome, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi][WIP]

#3 Post by Elmvine » Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:50 pm

That awkward moment when you're MIA for two years.
Regardless, I want to start this project back up. I didn't get very far the first time, so it's pretty much starting from Square 1. On the other hand, I feel like I've grown as an artist and person.. in whatever direction that may be, and would like to use this as a chance to develop some more skills.

Currently, creating an Outline right now. :) So please bare with me!

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