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Re: Tsundere-sama [GxB][Romance, Otome, Comedy, Free]

#76 Post by hiko27 » Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:27 pm

Wudgeous wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:39 am
Hi! I've been lurking for a hot minute and noticed a questionnaire at the end of the OP. Idk if this will be useful, but here's the feedback I have to offer!

1. Features! Suggestions? How do you feel about having a dress up feature? Or maybe you have a feature idea that would go great with this game!
I don't think a dress-up game is crucial to the game experience -- especially if most of the setting takes place in high school, where students wear uniforms. Having a dere/tsun meter (as I think you mentioned before) already sounds like a blast. Maybe the love interests could even be rivalmanced, a la Dragon Age 2?
(If you've never played it: DA2 introduces a system where you can earn a character's approval -- and eventually their love... Or, alternatively, you could do everything in your power to oppose that same character's ideals, earning their scorn and begrudging respect).

2. Opinions on a violent tsundere. Do you want to play a violent tsundere who always hits the love interest, or just verbally tsun?
I would say no to a violent protagonist. I understand that exaggerated violence is a common trope in high school anime,but:
  • A) If the game is literally from the player character's first person POV (as with most ren'py VNs), it might not be obvious what is happening. Plus...

    Code: Select all

    "I hit him." with screenshake
    is pretty underwhelming hahahaha.
  • B) Tsun behaviors (especially violent ones) can potentially cross into abuse, even if it's done for comedic effect. This list could be good to cross-reference if you're unsure!
Perhaps one of the boys is a masochist, and pursues the tsun!MC in hopes of getting hit? And when she refuses to hurt him and expresses that it's morally wrong... it impresses him, because every other tsun he's met has been willing to give him a smack. (¬‿¬) lmao

3. Preference on platform: PC or mobile?
PC makes more sense to me! Although I do love mobile games very much... I'll be happy to play it either way, but I'm under the impression that PC will be easier to program. And it should be more accessible on PC, as I believe mobile games need to make apps for apple and android devices separately... and each device's store has its own hoops you need to jump through.

4. Comment on characters so far? Any Mary Sue/Marty Stu's? Let me know.
Not enough information to comment on Mary Sue levels, but I love the girls' designs and the idea behind them. I also love that there's an element of friendship here. :)
Some advice, please make sure the girls talk to each other about other things! Not about just dating/wooing boys.

5. Any questions about the game so far? Having questions thrown at me about characters and the gameplay would help me look at every part of the game, and see if there are any holes in them (I also enjoy talking about and answering questions about the game lol).
When is the first demo gonna be done? :D
If y'all need anymore feedback or assistance with character development, I'm eager to offer it. Let me know if I've said anything unclear!
...For some reason, I had intentions to reply to this a few days after you posted, but guess I forgot, sorry about that D:

The whole rivalmanced thing is very interesting, though that would require probably more writing, but I'll see what can be done about it, thanks! Oh ho (¬‿¬) You got me at masochist lmao. Some of them do like tsun more than dere. I personally don't like violent tsunderes, being a non-violent tsundere as well. As you said, it does feel like it crosses into abuse. As for the girls talking to each other, that's the plan lol. It's always tiring not seeing side charas/girl friends not talking much and the side charas being used as plot devices/features for the game (like checking a guy's affection level). If I'm gonna draw a pretty side chara, might as well use her. I do want to write Kaoru's side story later on. I'm contemplating on having her as a potential rival in one of the guys' routes, and the implications of that because you know, they're bestfriends, and there's this guy they both like (it's not gonna turn into a cat fight tho that's for sure).

For the demo, it's still far off at this point. I'm mostly taking my time on this game, especially since I'm still in school (and doing a lot of things on the side as well such as drawing and translating). I really only work on it when A) I have the time, and B) When I'm motivated to draw (because that's when the art turns out amazing lol). So I'd say 2+ years. Very far off.
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