"Love" Therapy [Romance/Horror][GxB/GxG]

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"Love" Therapy [Romance/Horror][GxB/GxG]

#1 Post by crystalscm » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:25 pm

Note: This game currently has a recruitment thread with a lot of open slots. Therefore, the game is not in production yet. Screenshots will be added once the game is actually in production.
Note #2: This game is more like semi-horror... more romance than horror, but the bad ending will probably add a little horror element in it.

"Can you show me..."
Majoring in criminal science and minoring in psychology, Adabelle Earlson works around the world as a therapist for the "criminally insane." One day, she has been requested to go to an asylum meant for the severely insane and also for those who killed others as part of enjoyment. This asylum is simply called "Dale Asylum." Over there, she is asked to give one of the residents have a "second chance."

However, considering their mentally insane status and their constant urge to kill others as a source of enjoyment, Adabelle clearly knows she is putting her life in danger. So, she accepts knowing the risks, but she also accepts not knowing the results...
"... what 'love' is?"

:arrow: Adabelle Earlson: The main character. Extremely inquisitive and intelligent, she ended up skipping two grades. She is an optimistic character, thinking everything that happens will have a happy ending. Although, one of her biggest flaws is that she is brutally honest.
:arrow: Prison Break: The youngest and deadliest of killers who claims that he doesn't have a real name. His insane personality has struck fear through even the rest of the residents. Only Marilyn, the fearsome manager of the asylum, can stop him from his reckless and crazy attitude and actions, but could that change...?
:arrow: Alex Blau: He hides his insanity behind his calm and calculative look. He always thinks before he speaks, and he's careful on how he phrases his own words. In the past, he made his victims break themselves and commit suicide by stalking them night after night. He claims that doing such things are "fun."
:arrow: Anna Cecil: Being bullied in her past, she hates seeing bullies. She sympathizes with those who are bullied and helps them by killing their bullies. She is kind and caring; she is usually the one who ends up breaking the fight between the boys if Marilyn is not present.
:arrow: Ren Blau: Ren is the younger brother of Alex. In the past, Alex had attempted to kill him, which ended unsuccessfully. He has - since then - been living off of revenge. He killed others to let out his own hatred, but eventually found enjoyment in killing others. He was known to brutally torture and slowly mutilate his victims in the past, which caused others to fear him greatly.
:arrow: Shin Fukui: Shin is Japanese, and his English is not good. So, he doesn't speak often and he gets his point across by actions. He is also very mysterious; nobody knows of his past. Despite being quiet and hard to talk to, he is one of the deadliest killers after Prison Break: before being sent to the asylum, he had killed over 100 people.


:arrow: Marilyn Johnson: The manager of the Dale Asylum. She keeps a sharp eye on the killers, making sure that they don't do anything reckless. Although she may look fairly weak, she definitely knows how to punch some sense into all the residents, using both her words and her fists.
:arrow: Paul Riven: A friend of Adabelle since elementary school. He has had a crush on her since middle school, but he never directly confessed his feelings. However, he vowed that - no matter what happened - he would always be there to protect her and keep her safe.
:arrow: Cecilia Lu: Cecilia is Adabelle's best friend, but sometimes she is annoying and noses her way into other people's business, especially when it comes to relationships. However, nonetheless, she would do anything to help Adabelle.


:arrow: 5 selectable characters
:arrow: 3 endings for each character: a good one, a normal one, and a bad one (note that the bad ending may include some gory and horror-themed scenes)
:arrow: 5 CGs / character (subject to change)
:arrow: 15 chapters / character!


Coming Soon...


1. Would you play this game by looking at the plot and/or characters? In other words, do you think the plot and/or characters appeal to you?
2. Who is your favorite character based on descriptions provided above? Why?
3. Have other questions/comments? E-mail them to me at mewlettuce4@gmail.com (or if you so wish, just post a reply down in the forum below)

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Re: "Love" Therapy [Romance/Horror][GxB/GxG]

#2 Post by VocaloidsRCool » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:11 am

I like the plot and characters, probably because I am a fan of creepypasta and some of the characters remind me of creepypasta characters.

Paul Riven is my favorite character. I wish he was obtainable, because he seems really nice.

Good luck on this. It sounds interesting and I'm curious to see how it progresses.

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Re: "Love" Therapy [Romance/Horror][GxB/GxG]

#3 Post by Taleweaver » Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:59 am

This project is apparently still in its Ideas stage.

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Re: "Love" Therapy [Romance/Horror][GxB/GxG]

#4 Post by OtakuCat » Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:20 am

I'm loving the the plot and the characters. As a person who's into romance and horror, I just adore anything that's a combination of 'em.
Favorite character... Paul. Because the man deserves it for his unnoticed effort. Unlike the previous comment though, I disagree that he should be obtainable. Because I love tortured souls.
I'll be keeping an eye on this. Good luck.

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