Sweet Hearts Academy [Highschool murder mystery/horror]

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Sweet Hearts Academy [Highschool murder mystery/horror]

#1 Post by Dollysama » Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:23 pm

[centre]"Don't look behind you and everything will be juuust fine."[/center]

This will be a free, non-commercial project.


The player takes control of Constance Twining, a 16-year-old foreign exchange student from England. The story starts on her first day at SH Academy, a prestigious all-girls school. With only the richest and most intelligent students in the country, SH Academy is one of the best schools in the country. However, there are rumours of a demon that roams the Academy, murdering seemingly innocent school girls in their sleep. Naturally, the school denies all rumours and accusations thrown at them. Still, if the rumours are false, then who’s that behind you?

When your parents said that they had decided to send you abroad to study in a prestigious school, you never imagined that you'd end up involved in something like this.


Constance Twining (MC - First name can be changed)

Age: 16
Year: 3rd Year, Class B
Status: Daughter of a successful businessman, student
Personality: Constance is a strong willed, business minded person. She is a firm believer in hard work and feels that nothing is unachievable, so long as you are willing to put in the effort required.

Rina Smith

Age: 19
Year: 6th Year, Class A
Status: Daughter of a high-ranking military leader, head girl
Personality: Rinka is an extremely strict, no-nonsense type of person. She is a hardcore realist, who refuses to even consider the possibility of otherworldly creatures.

Serena Lockwood

Age: 17
Year: 4th Year, Class B
Status: Daughter of a noble family, prefect
Personality: Serena is a self-centered and prideful person. She thoroughly believes that she is better than everybody around her.

Josephine McAllister

Age: 17
Year: 4th Year, Class A
Status: Daughter of a politician, Serena’s lackey
Personality: Josephine is a shy, timid girl that never stands up for herself. Due to this, people often take advantage of her.

Azura Richmond

Age: 16
Year: 3rd Year, Class C
Status: Daughter of a noble family, delinquent
Personality: Azura is a fairly quiet and reserved individual, unless you make her angry. When angered, she becomes aggressive and violent.


❤ Writers *I intend for this game to have multiple variations of the story depending on the player's choices, so extra writers is a must
❤ Sprite artist(s) *Two outfits for all five of the main characters (casual and school uniform)
❤ CG artist(s) *Dead end CG's for all five of the main characters and a few other CG's
❤ Background artist(s)
❤ GUI designer *All the regular ren'py screens + a CG gallery screen and an inventory screen
❤ Composer *Whilst I don't really need an entire unique soundtrack for the game, I would at least like to have a unique opening/theme song. Preferably with lyrics.
❤ Voice actors (female) *There aren't going to be any male characters in the game.


Progress so far:

- First variation:
- Second variation: 0%
- Third variation: 0%
- True end variation: 0%

- Sprites:
- CG's: 0%
- BG's: 0%

Music: 0%
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Re: Sweet Hearts Academy [Highschool murder mystery/horror]

#2 Post by AllegroDiRossi » Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:21 pm

Will the culprit be supernatural or will it be a human?
Is the culprit amongst the characters you've outlined above?
Is there only one true culprit or can the culprit change depending on your choices?
How important will building friendships be? Do those friendships deeply affect outcomes?
Are the "variations" routes that can be navigated by choice or will they be structured in a larger narrative (i.e., variation 1 unlocks variation 2, etc.)?

Thanks for sharing your new project!
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Re: Sweet Hearts Academy [Highschool murder mystery/horror]

#3 Post by Periwinkle » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:55 pm

Hey! I'd be interested in helping the development of this game. The two things I could help with would be writing and sprite art.
For writing, I could write scenes on my own and such, but I would also be available as an editor. In this post I spotted some grammatical, sentence structural, and paragraphical flow errors. They aren't big errors at all, and I'm sure pretty much no one would notice them, but having another person to proofread your writing can really help to polish up a game and make it appear more professional.
As far as the art is concerned, I'm not sure if my art skills are developed enough to become a sprite artist for this game. If you want I could draw a few concept sketches of the characters and you can decide if my art is good enough to be included.

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