Shingle: Offering proofreading/editing help

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Shingle: Offering proofreading/editing help

#1 Post by Vari » Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:22 am

Hiya all.

I"ve been watching for a long while. I have posted on here as "Yayguests!" a couple of times to give feedback on Daggio's "Semester," but have otherwise remained quite lurky.

The other day, I played through a VN which I found quite lovely, but still felt could use some proofreading to help give it a boost. I've noticed similar with more than a few of the works around here, which makes perfect sense, considering there are more than just English speakers in this community.

That brings us to this post. I'd previously thought about offering my help with proofreading and/or editing to any who think their project could use it, and have now chosen to do so - you know, where people can see it.

If you're curious, I differentiate between proofreading and editing as follows:
Proofreading - Grammar and spellchecking (readability, basically)
Editing - Plot tweaking and story suggestions

US English is my native language and I've attained a degree in English Writing.

Don't let the word "shingle" mislead you - this is an offer of free help to you loverly people who have been willing to share your creations for free. I get some practice, and perhaps some references, should my work please you, while you at the very least get someone else to go through your writing with a native English eye, and with luck, a few good suggestions to boot.

Wow, that sounds pretty formal, doesn't it? :p

In shorter, hopefully less stalker-y, Sir-May-I-Date-Your-Daughter terms: If you need a proofreader, I'd be happy to help!

A little example of my non-fiction: ... ticks.html (take note, it's basically a pro-choice rant)

A little example of my fiction: (Full disclosure: I technically get a portion of the ad revenue from my chapters on Storymash; there are three such pages of mine, in the linked story)

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