Diamonds and Devils[Supernatural,Horror,Mystery]

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Diamonds and Devils[Supernatural,Horror,Mystery]

#1 Post by GhostCracker » Fri May 26, 2017 1:00 am

Diamonds and Devils
So this is going to be my first VN, Im going to try and make it short. I'm going to be doing everything myself. There will be only two endings, I'm not trying to get fancy with mystery it might just end up being cliche, I dont know. Also, I'm kind of on fence if I should make it a point and click or not, so yeah.


You are a low level ghoul who has to find a special human for your mistress who will die at the full moon if she doesn’t get blood from them. Go undercover as a human and go to the human world to find the promising target. Take the human out and get to know them, gain their trust before making your move, remember not to make them suspicious of you! Getting to know this human the ghoul uncovers many secrets that they hide, will the Ghoul turn a blind eye and befriend the human or will it be a game of kill or be killed?

Ghoul/Resse(human form)
Monster type: Ghoul
Part of the legion of the undead, an underling to the ever powerful Mistress Helba; does most of the hard dirty work for her. Very boring and doesn’t have much hobbies, though he is very interested in the human world when having to jobs for his mistress. Likes anything from the human world(fanboy) and his favorite food is ice cream from the human world.

Mistress Helba
Monster Type: Vampire

She is queen of the vampires and centuries years old, she uses "special" humans to keep her alive and youthful; she doesn’t want to end up like her husband (alive but a skeleton) or worse die. She is very stern, yet respectful to her subjects, but don’t dare make her angry. Managing her underlings and castle is hard work so she likes sleeping a lot when she can. Her favorite things are making sweets, her husband, and Bugsy.
Nurse Bugsy
Monster type: Insect

She is very good at her job taking care of the mistress when she is low on blood as well as the mistress's underlings.She may look ditsy, but she is very smart and calculating. She know one million and one ways of extracting blood either unpleasantly or excruciatingly painfully. Her favorite past times are reading fashion magazines, lunch, and taking care of her Venus fly traps.
Monster Type:Human

Paris is a famous hardworking fashion designer who likes to party, club and taking it easy on their down time. Though having many drunken nights the reality of how she got to fame always creeps up on her. She likes living the good life and having good food, yet she sneaks to eat fast food once in while. Her favorite past times are swimming and doing any type of puzzle.
Rating PG-13 Genre Supernatural, Horror, Mystery
2 endings
Language,Blood, Slight Gore

1.Do you find the premises interesting/appealing?
2.Do you have a certain character which interests you more than the others?
3.Do you have any concerns/comments regarding the plot?
4.Would you buy this game if it was commercial,how much?

Any other questions and/or feedback is very much welcomed!

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Re: Diamonds and Devils[Supernatural,Horror,Mystery]

#2 Post by Dravencour » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:21 pm

Normally when I hear the word "ghoul" in relation to a vampire, it's either a zombie-style undead created by a vampire (a la Hellsing) or a Renfield-style servitor of a vampire who possesses some of the vampire's power through drinking his/her blood (a la the Vampire RPGs).

That said, you've got a good thing going on here.

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