Of Beasts and Wilds [Fantasy][Romance][Life]

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Of Beasts and Wilds [Fantasy][Romance][Life]

#1 Post by peachfuzz221 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:50 am

Before I get into details I want everyone to know that what I have right now is a basic idea and a limited outline to what I desire in the game. The script is a work in progress and I would like constructive feedback and hopefully anyone interested in helping ~
Hello! I am Peachfuzz221 and one of my dreams has always been to develop a game, especially one based off an idea as broad as this one. This is my second project, if counting the graphic novel I am writing with a partner (who is the artist), and I would very much like to make it a reality.

Genre/s: Fantasy, romance, friendship, comedy, (others will be added later)

Plot: You’re life is, in basic terms, repetitive and unsatisfying. You attend college, work a part-time job, struggle to pay rent so you can stay in your one-bedroom apartment, all while trying to find your place in society. There has to be more to life than this cliché of an existence. Well, lucky for you (or maybe it would be considered unlucky?), one day you are suddenly swept up into a dimensional tear that transports you to another Earth. However, in this universe humans cease to exist and the leftover fauna have evolved into anthropomorphic, intelligent animals with civilizations that border along the lines of primitive cultures. This is your chance to forge a path of your own; start life from scratch in a world that used to be considered only possible in dreams. But the question remains: Will you be able to get back to your dimension? Will you even want to go back after your story is set in motion?

Theme: Africa

Features (for now):
  • - Vast world with an entirely broad cast of characters to forge relationships with
    - Every decision made determines how your life plays out; the consequences that come with it, the scenes you will obtain, which stats will raise or decline depending; no story is the same
    - Among the many multiple endings, there is also the possibility of death in the game
    - Customizable gender and name for your character
    - Large soundtrack that caters to in-game situations and scenes
    - To be added –
Since this is mainly an idea, progress has yet to be made, excluding a small portion of the script that I have been working on

  • - Writer(s): Me,
    - Artist(s):
    - Programmer(s):
    - Voice Actors (Not a permanent goal)
    - Help:

Suffice to say, I will need to expand the team. Hopefully some of you will be interested ~

I am an amateur trying to gain experience and bring to life a game I have had in my mind since I was eight years old. This game will definitely take some time to complete, if I get that far, and if there is success I plan to do Kickstarter to raise money. All these details are stuff I wish to accomplish and put in the game and reach other goals if I do. Right now I would like some constructive feedback

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Re: Of Beasts and Wilds [Fantasy][Romance][Life]

#2 Post by fleet » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:13 am

Start small.
Complete a short (10 minute) demo. Use creative commons sprites, backgrounds and music for the demo.
Potential team members are more likely to join you if you have a completed demo.
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Re: Of Beasts and Wilds [Fantasy][Romance][Life]

#3 Post by Lunarisse* » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:18 am

Hello this Lunarisse from dA! (obviously)
Good luck from your endeavors.

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Re: Of Beasts and Wilds [Fantasy][Romance][Life]

#4 Post by peachfuzz221 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:16 pm

@Fleet -

Definitely going to be a priority :>
That is what I will start on and hopefully gain interest ~

@Lunarisse -

Hello! Thank you so much for your help and support :)
Hopefully I can come to you again with any questions ~

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