Dreaming Hearts [Fantasy][Girl x Boy][Romance][Otome][Free]

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Dreaming Hearts [Fantasy][Girl x Boy][Romance][Otome][Free]

#1 Post by DreamingHearts » Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:14 pm

Hello everyone!

I am Orion Kay Linn and I just wanted to mention that I have been working on creating a visual novel called Dreaming Hearts. Even though I have been working on this for months, the artist and I have just started to create the characters that will go along with the story. This game will be free for everyone to play but because I am the writer, and not an artist, I will have to pay for the artwork. Because of this, I will ultimately be doing a crowdfunding platform to help cover the cost.

I have written some specifics before for people who are interested!

Genre: Otome, Girl x Boy, Fantasy, Romance

Will not tell everything out of fear of spoilers
A young woman finds herself in the world of The Elements and through various actions, has to prove herself to the designated rulers of each kingdom that she is not a threat to them. During the game, many events will happen that will either help or hinder the love that develops between them

These are the current features of the game the webpage which is being built
You name yourself in the game
Five love interests
Ten CGs throughout game
Four Endings (each with their own CG)
All Characters in the game will be depicted (even those who only have a two second appearance)
The Player’s outfit changes depending on which Kingdom she is in
Nine Spinoffs (with one in-game CG and a "good" Ending CG)
Downloads that will be available on the webpage (once it is finished) such as wallpapers and shimejis
Videos of the main characters introducing themselves and giving a hint at their story

These are just the main characters – there are many more
The Player: A strong willed woman who finds herself in impossible situations and still manages to find love in the process
Canicus: The Elemental Prince of The Fire Kingdom: A man who does not trust anyone and demands respect
Fire Kingdom Concepts
Marcius: The Elemental King of The Water Kingdom: A man who is suspicious of everyone and has no hesitation to show his strength
Water Kingdom Concepts
Silas: The Elemental Prince of The Earth Kingdom: A kind, gentle man who is constantly put down by his family
Earth Kingdom Concepts
Aiolus: The Elemental Prince of The Air Kingdom: A sweet young man who has trouble with his family and his own self worth
Air Kingdom Concepts
Chryses: The Elemental Prince of The Metal Kingdom: A playboy who flirts with every female and ignores his father’s wishes
Metal Kingdom Concepts
What we have been working on for the past few months or so
We, the artist and I, have most of the characters designed and the main game, Dreaming Hearts, has been written about the third of the way. The basic coding has been set up. The Spinoffs have all been plotted out and will be easier to write because of this. We have also hired our GUI Artist and Coder, Musician, and Video Artist.

The team is bigger than this but these are the main members
Orion Kay Linn (http://www.vivid-dreams.org | http://www.orionfantasy.deviantart.com): Writer, Coder
CobyFrog (http://cobyfrog.deviantart.com/): Artist
Mystery Corgi (http://www.mysterycorgi.com/): GUI Graphics and Coding
shotgunRunner (https://soundcloud.com/shotgunrunner/): Musician
Sunasrose (http://dropr.com/portfolio127638): Video Artist

The nitty-gritty of it all
I was wondering if anyone has any questions or suggestions or if they would like to learn more about the game itself. Yes, we have one main game, Dreaming Hearts, but there are nine spinoffs planned as well. We know that we are being very ambitious about wanting to create ten games (although the spinoffs will be much shorter stories) but we all love otome games and would love to leave our mark in this particular world. I would love to discuss this further if anyone is interested! Thank you and much love!

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Re: Dreaming Hearts [Fantasy][Girl x Boy][Romance][Otome][Fr

#2 Post by FluffyCakeFactory » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:17 am

I don't mean to come off as rude, but I think you should work on the synopsis a bit more. It's a tad confusing for people who don't know anything about the project, especially the last sentence - who is "them"?
The element kingdom thing itself reminds me of a certain animation series which is why I think it's even more important to have an impressive synopsis so people won't be turned off by the similarities.

I hope I didn't come off as offensive! Please know I only mean well.

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