Working Title: The Contract [Otome VN][GxB][Supernatural]

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Working Title: The Contract [Otome VN][GxB][Supernatural]

#1 Post by PedalRocket » Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:36 am

Working Title: The Contract
Otome VN | Supernatural, Girl meets Boys
I've been on and off about this idea for years and only started writing it down not too long ago. I thought to keep a record of it here so that I have a place for further feedback and trial and error before pursuing any further.

AS OF...
27.06.17 - Fleshing out backstory elements for the game idea.
25.06.17 - Common Route Outline second draft complete.
24.06.17 - Outlines are continuing to be written. Still finishing the second draft of the common route. First drafts of sub-story LY, NY, SB, and LM complete.

After becoming redundant from her stable job, our protagonist finds herself unemployed. Job searching has taken a toll and the bills continue to pile up. She goes so far to have a meeting with a lecherous manager to hire her before she is miraculously rescued from the situation by a gentleman in a dark suit. Since this chance meeting, our protagonist finds herself in a position to take the role of personal assistant to a small non-for-profit group run by six wealthy suitors. Little does she know that within this group, magic happens, literally.


MC (yet to be named)
Our protagonist has reached a crisis point after being made redundant from a stable job. She has been thrown into a loop in order to find stability again in any way she can. She wishes for something more in life after her redundancy.

Matthew Forrester
Matthew is a gentleman and respects everyone he meets. He is polite, old-fashioned, and acts older than he is due to his upbringing and tutelage.

Gregory Royle
Gregory is a serious and cold man. He is obsessed in taking revenge against his father and family for abandoning him when he needed them most.

Lewis Milton
Lewis is romantic and aloof, but he acts like a child. He is the embodiment of a soul who refuses to let go of his circumstances and refuses to move on with a new chapter in his life.

Stuart Bosch
Stuart is very deadpan, stoic, and apathetic. However, he is overprotective about life and tries every means to avoid any circumstances surrounding death around him.

Leon & Noelle Young
Leon and Noelle are two peas in a pod. They are fraternal twins. They joke, they play, and they get themselves into petty little arguments.

Secret character not yet revealed.

Editor/Proofreader: AntiquedFae

Outlines: 30%
Script: 0%
Character Design: 0%
Sprites: 0%
CGs: 0%
Backgrounds: 0%
Music: 0%
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Re: Working Title: The Contract [Otome VN][BxG][Supernatural

#2 Post by gekiganwing » Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:11 pm

In terms of Lemma Soft specific forum slang, "BxG" means male protagonist and female love interests. Since your story involves a female protagonist and male love interests, the term for it would be "GxB." It is confusing. (Outside this forum, fans would use the term "otome game" to describe your story.)
PedalRocket wrote:Is the premise compelling? If not, why?
I like the premise of "person seeks employment." It sounds like your protagonist will meet the guys in the first few scenes, and then become their employee. Where does the conflict go from there? How does the protag react to learning that magic is real?
PedalRocket wrote:Are the characters interesting? If not, please explain
They seem fine. If you're interested in some ideas and challenges, then read the r/otomegames thread What Do You Want. One commenter mentioned that it would be interesting to see characters who have multiple layers. In other words, they would have hidden aspects, and there would be more to them than just the initial impression that they give.

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Re: Working Title: The Contract [Otome VN][GxB][Supernatural

#3 Post by PedalRocket » Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:38 am

Thanks Geki! I've just fixed that little mishap so not to confuse anyone else here.

I'm glad to hear that the premise has promise. I'm just not sure how much I can show about each character and the premise to give a better idea as to what is going on. It may give away a bit too much. Still in the writing phase though, so there is a lot to figure out.

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