A Maid's Tale((GxG,Romance,Drama)(SuNoFes)(Feedback Wanted)

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A Maid's Tale((GxG,Romance,Drama)(SuNoFes)(Feedback Wanted)

#1 Post by aliciarune » Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:31 am

Story-You play as Elena, a girl who is down on her luck and looking for a job. Luckily she finds one as a maid for three sisters. However from the moment she goes to their house, Elena can sense that the household isn't as stable as she thought it would be. With the fun but rather lazy Kira, the shy and slightly over emotional Jenna, and a rebellious teenager, not to mention a crazy rival neighbor, Elena's gonna have her work cut out for her not only keeping up a house, but helping these three sisters's with their chaotic lives. But though it'll be tuff, slowly Elena will grow close to these girls, and find the two things she has been lacking for a long time, family and love.

Game Info-This game is going to be a simple visual novel with choices, routes, and multiple endings. Currently I have five routes planned for the game, but the SuNoFes version will likely only have two routes for players, with the rest being done later. The SuNoFes version will be free, but the full version will likely be commercial. The game itself will focus on friendship, family, and romance, but will also have darker themes for the characters. It i of course a Yuri game and I plan later to have adult scenes, but the main point of this game is good story, art, and characters.



Elena-The sisters's new maid. With having lost her apartment and job, she is desperate not to screw this one up as a maid and keep it. Since she was a kid, Elena has always been a hard working girl and has struggled a lot with keeping jobs due to her being a bit clumsy. She's a friendly girl, but doesn't always take well to stress and has a bad habit of even falling unconscious when things begin to become troublesome. She also had had a bit of a hard life and has always had to support herself when she was abandoned by her own father. It's because of this that a part of her lacks trust in others and when close to someone becomes worried that they'll leave her. When it this state she can become quite depressive. Still despite this Elena always tries her best and isn't one to give up, no matter how hard things get for her. Is a very good cook.


Kira-The second eldest sister of the family (22). She is the one who recruits Elena to be their new maid. Kira is the opposite of our protagonist; confident, flirtatious and witty, Kira is the type of person who will show you a good time. However she is quite lazy when it comes to things like school or working, and in truth has hired a maid cause she doesn't want to clean. To make matter worse, Kira isn't the most trusting person in the world and isn't above lying to others in order to get out of something or her way. Still she isn' a stupid woman and is good with money. And though she may seem selfish at times, she cares deeply for her sisters and makes sure they are provided for. Her passions are smoking, drinking, and fun, though secretly she has a thing for sculpting. Often sleeps in during the day and is gone during the night.


Jenna-The eldest sister (25). Despite being the oldest though, Jenna is quite shy and isn't very good with keeping the house clean and due to her socially awkward nature, finds it hard to get a job. It's due to not having any friends that Jenna is ver attached to her sisters. Family is important to her and she tries to keep the peace in the household. Though Shy, Jenna is slowly trying to come out of her shell and be more like Kira, who she admires for being so outgoing. But in truth she is most comfortable in her books or fantasy games. Unlike Kira, Jenna is also new and naive when it comes to romance and doesn't know much about love. For her though she is open with dating either gender, and so just wants someone who will be kind to her. When meeting Elena though, she will find not only a new friend, but maybe someone she can fall for. Recently she too has been going out late on certain nights for some reason.

Mina-The youngest sister (17). She is highly against hiring a maid since it's always been her job and want to keep the house in order and watch over her sisters. Though brash and rude at times, Mina can be considered the most mature in the group. She's a hard worker, has pretty good grades, and loves the outdoors, showing that she is quite reliable. While Kira resents their dad and Jenna misses him, Mina is more neutral and doesn't mind he's working over seas. For her she just wants to keep things in order and for her sisters to grow up a bit. Sadly with Kira's care free nature and Jenna's liking to escape into her own little world at times, it can be hard for them to get along. Still Mina is a good friend to those she cares about, and if you break through that serious barrier of hers, you'll find a good heart.

Cecilia-A neighbor and friend to Mina. In a way she is kind of like Jenna, not being very outgoing and preferring her alone time, but also has Mina' honest nature and Kira's laid back personality. Cecilia isn't uptight at all and is actually quite quiet, but she is very vocal about her feelings and isn't afraid to insult people if she doesn't like them. She's also a very creative girl, but due to an illness often misses school and so has had to been taken out and home schooled. Her only friend is Mina and the pair often enjoy watching history movies together. Despite her childlike appearance, Cecilia likes being treated like an adult and though she tries to be mature, she can be quite childish. It's very sure what she wants in life.

~More characters coming soon~

Art by KCD491
Story and Coding-Me
(Hopefully will get more people soon)


Do you like the characters?
Is the art good?
What do you think of the premise?
Any tips?

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