pawZ- Ideas and Rough Outline

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pawZ- Ideas and Rough Outline

#1 Post by MiracleCatZ » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:38 am

pawZ... Basically what I'm doing writing this topic...
I know the title isn't much to look at, and that the ideas for the entire novel isn't concrete, as I've gone over the script for it twice now and scrapped it twice. So I'm finally posting a topic about the ideas I have for it, want to add to it, and to get some feedback from you guys for it!

As a writer I'm not very kind to myself on my writing or even to my skills of being very open about my ideas. You know I'm always afraid someone will take them, or criticize me for the way I write my rough drafts (which is poorly because I'm only outlining everything), or something else bothers them about my writing. So this is a really big step for me, and I hope you guys can help me out here. I want honest critique, but please remember there is a line between honesty, and being rude.

The Basic Summary
pawZ is a story (and yes I know 'paw' is lowercased... it's not changing anytime soon.... or ever) about a girl who runs a local humane society. This is a no kill animal shelterp, that has ran in her family's hands for a long time. Sadly the shelter may be on the end of being closed down, if she can't find a home for at least one of seven distinct animals in her shelter. Little did she know that these furry, often cute, often terrifying animals are actually cursed human beings to a beast form...?!

No one ever said caring for a pet is easy...
In the story you play as a care free young adult female. Having been related to the very person who cursed the animals in your family shelter, you as the main character must help your fuzzy little friend become human again. However, there is a catch. Should the mc fail to make them human again, they'll become a beast permanently.

While yes the obtainables are indeed animals. Don't worry, no beastiality is ever partaken in this story. They have curses that effect them each differently, so the story for each route is different. Not to mention you have eight obtainables. Two of which are locked. The first easy to unlock as you simply must go through the prologue twice. The final is only unlockable after certain choices are made in a specific pattern, from a certain someone's route. Is that too technical of a way to unlock a character? Yes.. yes it is, but I ensure you that it is important to knowing about this character if you make these specific choices, in the most important way! It will be well worth the effort!

As this is a simulated based game, you do have basic chores to complete. Your pet needs to be fed, which will raise your base relationship stat. Your pet will need walked, raising your athletics. Your pet will need groomed, raising your glamour stat. Your pet needs social interaction from you, raising your base relationship and charisma skill.

Will your base skills impact the game? Yes, how much you make will be affected in this game. You need to make enough to get your pet they're favorite snacks and food right? Not to mention little treats. A higher charisma allows you to provide more animals home, a higher glamour will allow your grooming job a extra bonus, bringing in a bit of cash for fun and food.

And the characters to obtain? Well let's start... It's a GxB/G with two girl routes, and six boy routes.
You have...
Rufus- Our difficult unlockable... Found by the police, brought in muzzled and restrained. He is a dangerous creature, being that he is a pitbull, however, it could also be because after being cursed he wasn't put into the shelter. He was left as a stray to fend for his own. So he is our rough enigma in the story, and also why I left him as unlockable.
Trey- Our lovely best friend... So to speak, he is a chocolate labrador. He's full of energy, bouncy, and probably talks too much. To each his own they say. He is the very definition of that one friend who just won't shut up, and wants to do everything.
Mika- She's best left to her little hamster wheel, she hates social interaction, but only just barely tolerates it when it comes from our dear heroine. When I say she just barely tolerates it, I mean after having her sink her teeth into your fingers has taught you to refrain from actually trying to hold her.
Annika- Our easy unlockable, she's a stray cat that hangs around your house all the time. When she is brought to your lovely home, it turns out she's a shapeshifting witch and that she knows your great great great grandmother... wait just how old is this woman?
Vilks- He is a very lazy, very unmotivated feline. This feline has been diagnosed with depression, and from the looks of it, doesn't seem to change any time soon.
And other's that I haven't really rewrote all the way yet. No sense in rewriting them if the idea might be shut down right?

I know it's not a whole lot...
But this is the idea overall I have in mind for my redux idea for rescripting the game again... So if you guys wouldn't mind answering a few questions I have about this idea, and then giving helpful critique, I would love it!

1.) Is the overall summary appealing to you?
2.) Would a game like this be at all fun for you?
3.) What do you think about the obtainables mentioned thus far?
4.) What appearance preferences do you guys have? What do you imagine the mentioned obtainables could or may look like?

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Re: pawZ- Ideas and Rough Outline

#2 Post by runeraccoon » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:00 am

1) Yes! I think it's going to be a cute game. There are several otome game with the cursed animal theme, but I don't have any PSP/V so I can't play them.

2) Yes~ For some reason, I like the fact that to unlock them, you have to treat them good as... pets. That sounds amusing lol. I wonder if I can tease them about the difficulties in rearing them up after they become human. xD Sadly there's no one that I'm going to take care since they're young huh? Teasing about toilet training might be fun, lmao. ...Wait that sounds like a weird fetish.

3) Interesting enough. I can see the stereotype and the room to grow. My current favorite is Annika, but that might change after I know what they look like. I know I'm cheap xD

4) Hmmm... I have to admit that bishounen style (as in, otome games-style) will appeal to me more. As long as they're pleasing to the eyes, I'm game though. Trey will be the ball of sunshine, Mika will be the cute-looking smol badass, Annika will be an attractive mature lady, Vilks will be kind of the sleepyhead from the first glance. I don't know if Rufus will look like the cool badass type or a tsundere though.

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