-untitled- [supernatural, bishōjo, dating sim, harem, h content, commercial]

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-untitled- [supernatural, bishōjo, dating sim, harem, h content, commercial]

#1 Post by rubae » Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:26 am


I've been working as a freelance writer for other games, but have begun working on a game that I plan on producing. I have been developing character concepts and am reaching the point where I want to start narrowing down my ideas.
This game will be a dating-sim style romance novel. The main character is from a long line of supernatural hunters. He has taken on home-sitting for relatives that are still pursing the ancestral calling--but the hero doesn't believe in the supernatural.

At least, not until a vampire shows up in the middle of the night ready to seek revenge for her sire. And then there's that succubus who gets through the sealed portal, and--oh, now that he believes in the supernatural his aunt and uncle send him a newly turned werewolf to help reform.

What he had hoped would be a relaxing summer is quickly evolving into managing a house full of young (at least, in appearance!) 'women' while not knowing if the wide eyed succubus is feeling affectionate or hungry today...

**Note: I am not 100% decided on the types of 'monsters' that will be in the house. I am also considering adding in a fellow hunter from another family who gets sent to help him deal with everything. There could be a romance between them as well, if people would be interested in seeing that sort of a relationship.
If you could take the survey you would have my UNDYING appreciation! I'd love any other feedback that you'd be willing to share as well.


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Re: -untitled- [supernatural, bishōjo, dating sim, harem, h content, commercial]

#2 Post by Zelan » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:08 pm

Do you have any more specific information on the characters? Names, appearances, personality? You've got a good shell of an idea here, but there's very little to draw me in. I'd like to see more about the vampire seeking revenge especially, I quite like hate-to-love plotlines when done well.

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