Valorous [Otome VN][Fantasy/Romance/Adventure]

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Valorous [Otome VN][Fantasy/Romance/Adventure]

#1 Post by Weebainu » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:48 am

Note: This is all just a basic outline as the pretty appearance is still lacking now, but I've been working more on fleshing out the plot, characters, and world! Bear with me as I add to this over time, but critique and interest is welcome!


Dragons have been a myth since the dawn of time, but it seems the world has its secrets after all.

After a curse in the past, dragons have learn to take human forms for centuries with a twist - their curse causes involuntary shifting often leading to a trance-like fury in their true form. In order to protect themselves, and the humans around them, both races - aware of their existence after a tragic incident - band together to form the Dragon Rider society. Dragons choose a human to bond with for life, but also protect them from themselves as soothers than actual riders.

In the present day, a dracophobic protagonist becomes involved in this secret world. Perhaps they will overcome their fear to find love and courage in the process.

Love Interests

[These are the true names, and have yet to receive their human names oops]

* Sygaxoloth - [Western] A quirky dragon with a good heart. He and the protagonist meet in anger management class despite his carefree nature striking his presence there as odd.
* Ri Rui - [Eastern] A childhood friend of the protagonist although they do not know that she is actually a dragon. She attends the same school as the protagonist.
* Ember-Fang - [Wyvern] A typical troublemaker who looks the part of an easygoing waitress at her restaurant job. On good terms with the protagonist, and willing to exchange gossip.
* ??? - Still debating final male character lol.

Planned Features

* 9 endings including true end.
* 4(?) romanceable dragons
* Potential (if I can successfully implement it) times where you can interchangeably choose between dragon or human sprites during certain scenes.
* Many support and antagonistic characters.
* Extra (important) story as a dragon character!
* Mostly non-linear with some endings although each route/arc ties into a much bigger story with a true "route"/ending.

Team + Progress

- It's just me right now, and I have no plans to add others in the meantime. It's just a fun project for myself to work on with the hopes of releasing it as a free VN for everyone to enjoy! I'm both a writer and artist with hopes of becoming a professional programmer in the future :u Hopefully I can learn how to compose music too, but I may commission in the far future.

- The progress so far is just working on the writing part. I'm still fleshing out the world building, and I'm currently hacking away at an outline to later convert into a script. I have my work cut out for me! It's been an idea I've been working on for a year now, but I want these jumbled ideas to make one story once and for all.

Final Thoughts

Thank you all for reading this bare bones concept, and I assure I have a lot already written to seem more appealing than what I posted. Except if I ramble, I may spoil some major plot points. I hope to work hard on this, and see this project through.

bonus mock-screenshot of Sygaxoloth done for giggles:


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Re: Valorous [Otome VN][Fantasy/Romance/Adventure]

#2 Post by fleet » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:19 pm

When I read the words "...Dragon Rider society. Dragons choose a human to bond with for life..." I immediately thought of the Dragon Riders of Pern series of books by Anne McCaffrey.
To avoid possible legal problems (I am not a lawyer), and confusion for your readers, instead of 'Dragon Rider' you might want to use a different expression.
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