Tainted Creaturea: Crystal's hystory [Kinetic novel, bxg, gxg]

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Tainted Creaturea: Crystal's hystory [Kinetic novel, bxg, gxg]

#1 Post by BlueDiamond » Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:59 pm

This story will feature Crystal, a character from the main novel Tainted Creatures, in this novel I will show her past and her huge impact upon the world, it will show how one person could turn the whole world upside-down, but in the end how falling in love could make her change, it will also feature her actions which are not shown in the main novel, and also the love story between her and Leandra. Besides these it will show how she changed her whole person, leaving her past as the incubus Diel* behind. In this story you will see how complex her character is and how many things could a single person do, she initially represents the worst traits of humanity with her deceptions, lies, murders and seductions but in the end she managed to redeem herself and see her "true queen" ascending. Here is a sketch of her and of the final CG with her which will appear in both this novel and the main one. Her ending with Leandra is a bit tragic but it won't be a cliché like many other novels with a lesbian main couple and they will still manage to remain together.
In case you didn't notice she is indeed a transgender character which will be obvious when playing the novel

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