The Orange/Red Book -Occultic 80's VN game?

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The Orange/Red Book -Occultic 80's VN game?

#1 Post by Pockets » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:47 pm

Hey everyone, new to the forum, new to Visual novels. New to just about everything XDD
It's kinda funny that the first thing that I post is a sorta edgy idea XDD.
Anyhow now to the actual Visual novel. I would post this in the work in progress page. But as of now this is like really new, there's a lot of stuff missing. (Even the story to some degree lmfao.) And I don't even know if this will get scrapped or not.
In a world that's like a modern day 80s, the world changed when cults started to become popular. It all started with the finding of a series of books called the Colored Books. The Colored Books were able to give a single person power. However to unlock these powers, there had to be people that worshiped it. In this particular case, the Red Book gave a person the ability to travel back in time (Even before getting the power.) (Other powers are like, the ability to bring the dead back to life, or instant teleportation.) The Book chooses the 'leader' of the people doing the worshiping, almost like a priest. The Occult became one big political game, where the leaders would try to get themselves voted, by holding speeches and having ads and what not. Of course the reason people voted for these leaders was because the leaders swore that they would travel back in time in order to make sure that the people who voted for them would have an 'easier' time in life.
Eventually one person was chosen by the book, and they reversed time, sending themselves back to a point where they were not chosen yet, officially making it impossible for them to be chased back. That person tried their best to change their past and fix mistakes. But in the end they realized that while indeed they were able to fix one or two mistakes, for the most part trying to fix those mistakes just made things worse somewhere down the road. They eventually stopped using the power, but they eventually found out that the power made them unable to age. Trying to die, was nearly impossible since they didn't want an early death either, and their doubt/ regret of trying to kill themselves, made their power activate and reverse time. However they found out from an anonymous phone call that the ability can be gotten rid of, if they touch the Red Book again.
This is where you takeover, you are the person with the ability to turn back time. You must make friends with one of the higher ups in the occult in order to get closer to that book and get rid of your powers. But... Can you save the higher ups as well? Can you stop them from making the mistake of accepting the power?

(Note: All the characters are almost like answers to the question, what is true happiness?)
Meet Nirvana: Happiness is having lots of friends. (female)
Tl:dr; Nirvana is a code monkey, straight out of college, and she's kind of a weeb. She likes to hunt figures and flip them on the market. She likes Astrology.
When Nirvana was young, she had an odd taste in things and she was an introvert. She likes to be alone, she thinks a lot, she at one point helped work on an indie RPG. But her parents who were extroverts, and the couple friends around her as well, didn't quite understand that. They pushed her and kept saying you'll never be happy without having lots of friends. (At the time she had two good friends.) With time travel she hopes to achieve the ability to do more when she was younger. Have more friends. And of course be more popular.
I want this character to learn that, you don't need to have all the friends in the world to be happy, but instead just a few good ones is enough.
(Current status of sprites: Done but most likely more editing is needed as the poses and facial expressions are kinda boring.)
She is this teal colored wolf/fox character.

Meet Bliss: Living a perfect life without a single imperfection is bliss. (Female)
TL:dr; Person that's really hard to read and is mysterious. She has a personality that's kind but yet unyielding. She does have a part of her that secretly dresses up as a punk and goes to concerts and rocks out. (Needs more work lol.)

Meet Rapture: Having all the money in the world is bliss. (Female)
Tl:dr already a millionaire out of college thanks to her parents and some insane investments that went up. Likes to party and is kind of a powerhouse/bossy personality. But at the same time kind of wants to do charity work.
She thinks being rich solves everything, but later on some stuff happens. She ends up broke. And she basically needs your help and find out who she really is without her money.

Akai Oni (Red Demon): A mysterious masked figure that interrupts occult meetings by suddenly appearing and attacking people (Nothing lethal.) (Nothing is known about her.) (This character might get removed as I'm not sure how much they actually work in the plot.)

It's ya boi Samuel: He's got the inside scoop of what the cult is doing and keeps things moving. (Male.) He wants to get into the news industry and become a journalist but he's having a hard time getting into the industry.

Background: So the selling point of this game is that, it's supposed to have a somewhat retro/ 80's/ Synthwave feel and look. There's a lot of work to be done and a lot of stuff that I don't know if it can be done and how much work it would take. This is kind of a furry game. This is definitely not NSFW and will probably not even hint at anything inappropriate.
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Possibly dating sim???
Theme: What is bliss/ what is happiness?
Engine: Ren'Py
Art thus far: ... -_Copy.png ... -_Copy.jpg
(Sprites of Nirvana) ... _Novel.jpg
(Current Alpha + Nirvana's room) ... Normal.jpg[/img]
(Rapture for now.)
Music(?) Thus far:
(Sorry if the music doesn't work lol And this is kinda bad XDD.)
(Red Cult theme/Danger)
(Most likely unused tracks)
(Menu/ idle music?)
(Menu/ idle music?)

Upcoming/uncertain things:

Definitely a writer/ someone that will help me come up with character arcs + editor + Overall story.
(Not right this second though.)
'Course more character sprites + Backgrounds lmfao.
(Most Likely) A musician to make some kind of like, Lo-fi beats. (I have no musical experience lol.)
(Most Likely) Really unique/custom menu
(Uncertain) A 80's street racer? [youtube][/youtube] (Sorry not sorry. But seriously I want a street racer. [And Runing in the 90s is better than Deja Vu]) Theme: Living an exhilarating, heart pumping life on the edge (With the inability do die) is happiness.)
(Unlikely) A secret character? Maybe an artist type?
(Unlikely) Changable character genders?... Like you can change the character's sprites, but the overall story doesn't change?

Stage Alpha 0.1?

Overall I hope to update this once a week or two. But for the time being would like to hear your guys opinions. Thanks!

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