Kyūbi No Kare (short, noncommercial bxb dating sim) (thoughtdump/brainstorm thread??)

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Kyūbi No Kare (short, noncommercial bxb dating sim) (thoughtdump/brainstorm thread??)

#1 Post by stacciatello » Wed Mar 28, 2018 5:17 am

Kyūbi no Kare

( Kyūbi no Kitsune [九尾の狐]: Nine-Tailed Fox. + Kareshi [彼氏]: Boyfriend. )

You're a young boy who gets a job at a small, newly opened butler cafe (*); but your coworkers have a small secret... They're all Kitsune!

Nine-tailed foxes who have lived for over a hundred years, and gained the ability to shapeshift into humans; not only that, but they each have a special ability that's unique to them. The general population believes they're nothing but a myth, but they've let you into their secret... Could it be that they have taken an interest in you?

Koichi, Ryota and Ichirou... They've been alive for centuries, but they've yet to find love! Will YOU be the one to win them over?

(*) Subject to changes, If I do go with a butler theme I might change the whole aesthetic of the game so far.


(Idea for a main menu, this isn't the actual imagemap or a screenshot. I'm still debating whether to use maps or styling!)


Big brother Koichi; firm and a team leader, but gentle and caring. He takes his job very seriously, but he has a secret, personal passion for music. Songwriting is a means for him to vent and express his feelings, will YOU be the muse for his newest composition?


Ichirou, the one in the middle, yet his big fluffy ears make him stick out like a sore thumb. Putting the least effort into passing for a real human, he takes pride in being a Kitsune and constantly goes against his brother's wishes. He's an adventurer, a thrill-seeker, but his busy schedule only gives him so much free time to explore his surroundings. As such, he's turned to videogames as a way to experience epic adventures, without his brothers getting worked up about it. It's not the same, but it's not half bad. Will YOU be by his side on his next escapade?


Ryota, the youngest of the three; a boy with a heart of gold, but too shy to let anyone in. He turns to arts as a means to express everything he could never say with words. Shying away from showing off his works to the world, afraid of the criticisms he might get. Will you be the one to help him break through his shell?

Note: These are their physical/human ages, not their actual ones.


This is a project in it's VERY VERY early stages of development. Basically, all I have so far is mostly the art I'm showing off here. I've had experience with coding before, but I'm finding it somewhat hard to get used to the latest RenPy versions.

I have a vague outline of the plot, but I will not be revealing or teasing anything else so not to spoil anything.

It's gonna be a short, mostly light-hearted free-to-play dating sim. A story revolving around kitsune can get pretty dark and complex but I'm not trying to bite off more than I can chew here, heh. It'll be boyxboy. Sorry, no gender selection on this one only because I'm doing this as a means of warming up to this engine and it's just a small project.
For my next one, I'll definitely include gender selection. Again, sorry!

Some features i'll definitely include in this one:

* Gallery of unlocked CG's
* 2 endings per character; one good, one bad.
* A special illustration for each good ending.
* A special illustration once you get all 3 good endings.
* 4-5 hours of gameplay per route.
* Maybe a minigame of sorts in between each day. (Ala DDLC and probably several others)
* Animated main menu.

I would definitely like to hear some feedback/critiques on what I have so far, though it's not much. Ideas are also definitely welcome and appreciated!

Hopefully soon I'll be further into development for this to be moved to the WiP section. For now, that is all, thank you for reading and I wish to read your opinion on this so far!


Coming soon! Stay tuned!

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Re: Kyūbi No Kare (short, noncommercial bxb dating sim) (thoughtdump/brainstorm thread??)

#2 Post by runeraccoon » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:40 am

BxB dating sim with supernatural creatures?!
I'm so hyped for this OMG please keep working on it!

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Re: Kyūbi No Kare (short, noncommercial bxb dating sim) (thoughtdump/brainstorm thread??)

#3 Post by Zelan » Fri May 18, 2018 10:02 pm

The chibis are cute. c: I'd be interested in playing this when it comes out.

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