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#1 Post by vanillasushi » Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:12 am

A rather unrefined Lucien Barrentyne finds himself thrust suddenly into the position of a crown prince when a royal advisor claimed that he is the King's illegitimate child and will soon take over the throne when he reaches 21 years old. Now more than ever, it is of great importance that Lucien learns proper etiquette and how to rule a country. But in a such limited and desperate time, can he be the ideal king that his country need? Find true love, be that perfect king, take over other kingdoms and rule fairly. Or betray your status as a royalty, abandon the throne and live a quiet and peaceful life on your own. The choice is yours!

  • Lucien Barrentyne
    Lucien is our main protagonist who used to live on a quiet countryside with his sickly and abusive mother before a royal advisor came up to him and claimed that he is the dead King’s illegitimate son. He's having a little bit of trouble making new friends, or meeting new people in general and prefers to be approached first. And it's not really easy to get to know him because he rarely speaks about himself, which somehow makes him an easy target to gossip about.
  • Clyde Rochester
    Clyde is the crown prince from the neighboring kingdom and also serves as our protagonist's love interest. He has a boyish personality which means he enjoys a bawdy joke and jumps at the chance of adventure. He lives for revelries and tends to try and find a spot in the limelight when it comes to competition. Though he is far from a sore loser, he makes it known that he will be included in a challenge.
  • Gadreel Harvington
    A man of rules and discipline, as expected from a knight and our protagonist's second love interest. Gadreel is a humble being. He prefers not to flaunt his status and remain undistinguished from the lower class. He does not believe that a person's status determines their way of life. Despite his tendencies for foolhardiness, Gadreel also displays a good sense of leadership and prowess on efficient warfare. He believes that any battle is better won with as little casualties as possible.
  • Avillio Wintermint
    Avillio serves as our protagonist's manservant and the third love interest. If he doesn't like something, he will tell you. He doesn't know how to censor his words and will speak what's on his mind. Avillio also had a hard time showing his emotions, but I can assure you he's just a soft little ball of sunshine that just wants to be loved and appreciated deep inside.
  • Other Characters
    Lucien's mother. The royal advisor. The sorcerer. The rebel/assassin.
The game will take place around the modern era, but in an alternate universe where I alter a little bit of the world's history and continents, with a little bit of fantasy in which magic is allowed but only if you have the permission to use it, and each magic difficulty and power is different for each ranks in a society. There won't be much mythical creatures because I thought I don't want to add a bunch of unnecessary things into the plot yet.

This idea is still in an early development, especially the characters and the plot. So please don't expect too much yet :D My goal is to make a stat raising dating sim where players have to choose the right choices to make our MC and ideal ruler for his subjects, and maintain a relationship at the same time. Players can also choose the no romance path and focus on taking over the throne. There will be a rebellion and traitors that the players have to take care of so they won't influence your loyal subjects no matter what it takes (even if you have to get your hands dirty), you have to take over other kingdoms so you can expand your country, you have to solve your subject's problems and make sure that both parties are satisfied and many more features that I plan to implement in the future. But I'm not so sure if this is a little bit too much and can ruin the fun when playing.

The story will be narrated by Lucien himself in first person POV and will probably change depending on the scenes. Every choice he make will have a huge affect on the ending and story line, so choose wisely.

It may not be an original idea and there are probably a game with similar concepts out there, but I do hope the modern royal au setting gives that special spark. :) And please do excuse my grammar, I'm still trying to improve my writing hopefully this game can help me improve my English as I try to proofread my mistakes!

What do you think about the premise?
What do you think about the characters based on the descriptions provided? Is it enough, or should I put in more important details?
Is there anything else you would like to see in this game?
Your overall feedback and suggestions?

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#2 Post by Anihime » Tue May 15, 2018 3:09 am

1. Hmmm... It's pretty interesting so far. While there are similar plots about people discovering they're royalty (or discovering someone else is royalty), I can see this taking on a unique twist to the premise. :) I would need to see more of the story to provide better judgement to it, but from what you have here, it looks interesting.

2. Based on the descriptions so far, the characters are pretty unique to each other. If you're making a dating sim, it's best to have that kind of variety of personalities. Seeing how the love interests interact with the main character shows what kind of chemistry they each have with him, thereby determining which one the player chooses to pursue. I think the important details should be saved for the main story; dating sims are about getting to know the character(s) throughout the course of the story, after all. ;)

3. I'm not sure what else could be added. I'd have to see more of this idea to see if anything needs to be added.

4. So far, I see potential to this story. It's an interesting, ambitious concept and I would love to see more should you choose to turn this into a game. :)

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