ATRIUM [Romance x Fantasy x Comedy] [18+]

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ATRIUM [Romance x Fantasy x Comedy] [18+]

#1 Post by balldancing » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:09 am

Here's something I've been working on for a few weeks (well, like 2 years but I've only recently revived the script to see how I fare). The gameplay is consisted of people completing sorceryss' quests before being able to recruit them. The more you recruit, the more influence you gain. You must also manage a business on the side (business TBA), where the employees are the girls you manage to recruit.

ATRIUM ~ enlightenment is at the heart of a mage
“We reconvene what mages are left. I get you running a business, something good enough to draw the most influential people in the underworld. You harvest information, you get your girls prodding and probing these guys for all their secrets. You’re women, you can pry a secret from a man like salt from a lake. Information brokering will get you higher in the ranks than anything else will. You’ll all have new identities. When the time is right, when the big guys are weak, you strike.”

There was once a time where sorcerysses thrived in the underground world. One man, and then a few more, perceived a large threat at a band of powerful women calling the shots. Druants were initially a strategy to keep all kinds of threats under control, but as time went on, their abilities grew to match those of sorcerysses. Eventually they were hunting sorcerysses as a bloodsport. What started as a crew of lowly security guards transformed into a horde of genetically modified men, versed in the art of hunting and killing sorcerysses. Superhuman senses give way to smelling magic from miles away, extraordinary speed and strength enables them to keep up with us, and immense training and rituals empower their ability to dampen a sorcerysses whims with a mere gaze. Many people fear druants, for their power and presence are overwhelming, but are equally as inclined to praise them for their work in ridding the underworld from its ‘parasites’. Ever since, sorcerysses have all but disappeared from the face of the earth.

Misia Eliana Romein
“They say sorcerysses are deceptive, but man, YOU are a real piece of work.”
Misia is a raven-haired beauty with purple eyes and fingers heavy with jewellery. Known to druants as a particularly young and powerful sorcerysses. Worn down over her years of imprisonment and abuse, she lacks the will to fight once again until she hears Christopher’s plan — an ingenious attempt to work their way up from the inside. The remaining sorcerysses are scattered all over the country, so finding them becomes a task. Luckily she's able to reach an old friend who hopes to reconvene his girls, as well as potentially get a ‘thank you’ smooch from his favourite.

Christopher Samius
“For all I know you would prefer to die. It’s rude to assume these things.”
What was once a warm gaze has hardened over years of suffering for this man. A stern and brilliant druant with wit to surpass all. Fatally attractive on accounts of his height and dreadful good looks (although it might have something to do with how cold he is to everyone). Upon finding Misia, he devises a cunning plan to put mages back in power. This requires a compromise on Misia’s part, including her cooperation in feigning a relationship for a personal matter. As you can imagine, this complicates a whole range of things.

Theo Marx
“If I rub you, do I get three wishes?”
A childhood friend of Misia's. Completed some elementary training alongside Eliana as a sorceryss, but was kicked out upon discovery that he was a male, and a heartbreaker at that. Still, Theo developed his skills as the sole male mage known to the universe. Currently living out of the capital as an undercover baker — fascinating — where he continues to steal hearts and search for the remaining sorcerysses.

Let me know if you're interested in some kinda development and give me feedback on the plot and idea for gameplay!!
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Re: ATRIUM [Romance x Fantasy x Comedy] [18+]

#2 Post by Luthvn » Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:21 pm

this looks good! good luck with the project!

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