Be My Girlfriend ((BxG)) Fantasy

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Be My Girlfriend ((BxG)) Fantasy

#1 Post by alberte » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:48 pm

I wanted to try something like a kinetic visual novel and start it off as a light novel and eventually turn it into a visual novel.
Plot: You wakeup in a new land, after a girl points a spear at you and threatens your life she lets you explain your side of the story, she tells you her brother has been kidnapped and the one who kidnapped him fits your description, she explains that her brother was the princesses royal guard and that she was apprenticing under her brother. She explains Zaakarth is the most likely place where he's been taken, and because you're now involved in this she explains you will be coming with her to get back her brother.


You wakeup in another world, you meet a girl who's brother has been kidnapped who's the personal guard to the princess , while the princess battles an ancient demon princess living within her she runs away when she finds out the truth that her father, the king has been hiding from her, and you and this girl you just met search to find the princess on a quest that you never signed up for.

Kozumi: Stubborn, hot headed, kind to few people, selfish.

Ayu: (The princess) Kind, honest, optimistic.

Main character Yuuji: (Name changeable): Soft hearted, kind, stands up for what he believes in, doesn't back down, determined.

Topic discussions: Do you like the story so far?
WHat do you want to see in this story?
What are you looking for in a visual novel like this?
"When I add art, what do you think about the art so far?
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