Reincarnation VN ~~FM/FF/MM~~ Full Route Control!

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Reincarnation VN ~~FM/FF/MM~~ Full Route Control!

#1 Post by Mizu-Is-The-Worst » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:14 pm

Hiya! I go by Mizu, and me and a few other writers are currently brainstorming a large, writer driven VN! We are currently looking for people interested in pitching in and coming up with more routes! Here is the main idea:
The MC is a person who keeps reincarnating. All of their past loves have ended in tragedy, so until they can end up happy, they will be reincarnated into a new person upon death. In their current life, the MC is a journalist. Their boss asks them to zero in on a particular topic, and gives them exclusive interview opportunities for the area that they're interested in. On this interview, they will be reunited with one of their past loves, and the route delves into their past relationship and their present one.
We are mainly looking for writers! The interesting thing about this idea is that the stories are isolated, unless writers want to get cute with their stories. Meaning that there's no overall plot you need to feed into, just write what you feel like writing. Each writer can pick an era/culture that they are focusing on, and it's up to them to decide how it all plays out. The only hard and fast rule is that the characters have a past history, and the MC died somehow. The stories are preferred to be quite tragic, to explain why they are getting a second chance. Other than that, you can add some interesting element per your interest. We also are controlling overlap, so if someone else takes the time period you were hoping for, you'll have to change times, sorry.
Here is what is taken so far:
Edo Period, Japan 1600
Prohibition/1920, New York City
Cold War, 1950
Dynastic China, 1400

This is intended to be a big, creative project, so we don't have a hard limit just yet. We're currently trying to see who is interested and go from there. even if you don't want to have a route under your control, you can team up with another writer, or be an editor/proofreader/idea bouncing. We want to do a big anthology styled projects where a lot of awesome writers can connect and work together.
We can't do a VN with just writers...that's called a book. So, as we get scripts created and the total number of routes down, we will begin recruiting for other roles. Also note that some of the writers are dual talented, so we do have artists, programmers, and other people on board already. If you are a different kind of role, but are still very interested, feel free to join!
As it stands, this is a stress free side project. Right now we are in the very early stages, and we're just collecting interested parties to join. Could this turn into a commercial project? Highly unlikely, but sure. We are operating as though this is a completely free project, so if you would like to be commissioned or are hoping to make money off of it, this probably isn't your kind of project.


Just shoot me a PM, or leave a comment down below! Tell me what you are interested in doing, and what you can bring to the table, and I'll invite you to our discord, where we do all of our planning!

Thanks for reading this far! I hope to hear from you soon!

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Re: Reincarnation VN ~~FM/FF/MM~~ Full Route Control!

#2 Post by Warden » Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:47 am

I have sent an email, hopefully this idea is still being worked on! :)

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Re: Reincarnation VN ~~FM/FF/MM~~ Full Route Control!

#3 Post by Der Tor » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:25 pm

This is a really interesting idea, I might even be able to pitch in a bit when it come to the writing... has there been any progress though?
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