Minuit Square [GXB] Urban Fantasy

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Minuit Square [GXB] Urban Fantasy

#1 Post by darknessafallen » Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:32 am

Hello, I have been flirting with an idea for about two years now that I had originally wanted to write a book with. Yet as time progressed and my story became more defined the more I realized I could create a VN with it, instead. I've been wanting to create a VN for quite some time now and finally learned the basics to it (I really am bullheaded at learning things on my own). I do not wish to work on any project alone, I am always open to suggestions and change.

I have basic art skills, meaning I did four years of High School AP Art and have and can draw only basic things or single angle and never the same person twice :oops: . I already have the cast of my story and even the basic storyline to it. I would, very much, appreciate some assistance in the art area. I can always try to coach myself how to use Ren'Py and even ask for help for that. Yet when it comes to drawing people, CGs or backgrounds I can't seem to get better. I did try to draw it all by hand, seeing as how I have no drawing tablet to assist, but... that didn't go over so well either.

The story is rather basic urban-style fantasy. It revolves around a girl who is moving into a new neighborhood after the death of her father (trying not to make it too much of a tear-jerker, but the story can't function without the loss of her father). Turns out her mother decided to move into the rather odd and slightly ostracized suburb her father had grown up at as a child. In this community she learns more about her father and the people around her as well as a bit about what 'monsters' live among them. The main character, whose name can be up for debate, is Jillian Taylor and her moving to Minuit Square is just the beginning of the change.

She meets five different men who assist her in learning about her abilities, her family history and even how to defend herself when things begin to get dangerous (every story needs a little bit of chaos and in this one I decided to go with a bit of a 'witch hunt' feel). I want this story to comedic, even if some of the humor is a little dark, and had a bit of a bitter-sweet feel to it.

The first part of the story is fast-paced and quickly goes through a single year, that is because the real part of the story doesn't come together until the second year of the MC's life in Minuit Square. Again, I like the idea of a group project and I am very open to changing the idea some. I want this project to feel like a group effort because I believe more than one mind can really make anything better.

Due to the way the story is set up I do not want to disclose what each character is (gargoyle, griffon, werewolf, ect.). Each of my characters, other than Ensel, is very dodgy about revealing what they are and will only reveal that information if they feel comfortable enough to share that 'intimate' information to the MC. It is also because of this that if anyone is interested in making this idea a reality they can contact me to receive more information about the characters.

The Cast:

Jillian Taylor: 18 years old, due to having been homeschooled in a different state she is a whole year behind her age grade. Instead of starting her first year of college, like she should be, she has one last year of high school to survive. Moving on her senior year is not her idea of starting the year right, yet she isn't one to make too much of a big deal about it - to anyone other than her reflection. Jill is one of two children, her older brother already living in Minuit Square to attend the nearby college. Jill is artistically-minded, she has a bit of a temper and tends to fight with people whenever they start any argument. Though she is a little hotheaded she is also friendly and easily embarrassed. Her personality is up for debate. I just added MC's concept on DeviantArt for those interested!
https://www.deviantart.com/darknessafal ... -763495770

Peter Dockindorf: 17 years old, the only one in high school with the MC during the first year of the game. He is considered rude and unapproachable, but easily gets along with MC after a rather difficult first impression. He likes to tease her and make it seem like he is upset when he really just likes making the MC feel guilty for arguing back with him.

Canaan Sylvester: 22 years old, works at the nearby family-owned office depot. He is smart and friendly, but quickly becomes very difficult to approach once the MC gets inaugurated into the reality of Minuit Square. His 'inhuman' side is one that he is always ashamed of and he isn't one to ever willingly talk about it. He is very close friends to the MC's older brother, Ethan, and will often change in character when he is around due to being afraid of revealing what he is.

(*I tried to post the picture I have of him... but I really am new to Lemmasoft and have absolutely no clue...* https://www.deviantart.com/darknessafal ... 1536294486 is where I have the image of him...)

Feldynne Stuarts: 22 years old, and just happens to be the rather awkward new neighbor! He works most of the time, claiming to like keeping busy. Several references are made to Feldynne having 'burnt' someone by accident, yet no one ever explains to the MC just what that might mean... Feldynne is shy and polite, with serious anger issues. He will never talk about his personal life though he will always take an interest in the MC's life, mostly to deter her questions on his own...

Cassius Oceana: 23 years old, though Cass will come off as polite and friendly he does not seem to have many friends. He is a bit of loner, though it does not appear to be his decision so much as the decision of the community itself. Cass will always offer idle conversation, but never seem to give much information on life in Minuit Square. He does not seem very happy living there, though people of his 'kind' would never leave the place. Cass's personality sort of shifts as the story progresses since he will start out as helpful and friendly and slowly become a bit more sarcastic and less gentle as a person.

Ensel Hudson: 21 years old, Mr. Perfect-Brightside with a big time internship. Yet he isn't at all as he is perceived. Ensel appears friendly, outgoing and a complete gentleman. Yet he is not at all that way. He in underhanded and sneaky, always using his smile to get his way - and when things don't go his way he'll find a different approach. He ends up as Jill's mentor, which gives her full access to his rather twisted ways. He is also the only character who reveals what he is to the MC during what I would consider the prolog.

Other Character:

Ethan Taylor: 22 years old, Jillian's older brother. He is a little on the hoity side, but his intentions are always pure and no matter what harsh things he may say, his family will always come first to him.

Kit Flannigan: 17 year old, she quickly becomes Jill's closest friend. She is a shape-shifter who can turn into an orange fox that people consider a little on the tall side with eyes all too big - normally her 'inhuman' friends can tell when Kit is hanging around in her fox-form because she looks a little bit different than normal foxes, they jokingly call the "Orange Kitten".

Amanda Taylor: Jill and Ethan's mother. She is crazy and enthusiastic about getting her daughter a boyfriend, though Jill insists she's perfectly fine just as she is. Amanda is perfectly aware of the truth behind Minuit Square and decided to bring Jill to live there when she realized that her daughter had adopted her father's abilities.

If you are interested in helping me with this project you can email me at katrina.la.gesse@gmail.com or trinalagesse@live.com
You can also try to contact me at my tumblr at k-marie-lagesse
Or find me on DeviantArt at https://www.deviantart.com/darknessafallen

Thanks for you interest ~Kat.

PS Sorry if it seems a little unorganized. I was writing this all out while listening to someone talk to me... my little brother really wants to be the center of attention right now. -.-# haha, :-P

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