Friendly Elementary School: Choices [School, Horror, Romance, Slice of life, PG12+, Friendship] [Demo soon]

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Friendly Elementary School: Choices [School, Horror, Romance, Slice of life, PG12+, Friendship] [Demo soon]

#1 Post by isobellesophia » Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:20 am

Please be friendly, my first time posting this in Ideas, Have a nice day~!

Friendly Elementary School Choices

Is a friendly novel where you can meet new friendly friends in school!

You are the new kid who just transferred in your new school named Friendly Elementary School! This is where you can make new friends, fun activities, events, and
friendly communication!
But your goal, the teachers day will be in the next 6 days before you finally describe about making friends and school, will you ever make a chance to be a part of a friendship in their school?

Total of 24 endings! The demo version has only 2, which is Good and Bad ending, The remain 22 will be in full version.
9 love interests! The demo has not this one yet, which is i was progressing it.
2 Minigames, this is featured in bonus. Only in full version.
10 Side stories! Only in full version.


List of main characters

Fina Summer
f happy 1.png
Age: 11
She is the first kid's friend, Fina is always happy especially early in the morning to cheerish people, she also love about her big brother. She loves all subjects and very active when there are fun activities!

Ivy Summer
i happy 2.png
Age: 19
Ivy is a mature, but a bit childish. She is a Arts and Crafts tutor, she is always loved by someone especially when she is showing her own art skills and also good at cooking, and she likes to prank her brother when he was busy on working!

Tiffany Summer
t happy 1.png
Age: 11
Tiffany is a clumsy girl when she is hurried up for something, she hates science. But she also love playing with her siblings, she is also observing in the hallways in case of running!

Maddox Summer
m normal 1.png
Age: 19
Maddox is a very strict, also he is a science tutor. He loves doing some dangerous things especially sharpened weapons, he can be easily be stressed out when fully in anger, but at least he is a lifesaver!

China Summer
c happy 3.png
Age: 13
China is a kind and most behaved student in the school, which she is like a genius. She also observes the school in case of bullies and some illegal happenings, she is easily shocked by most things!

s happy 1.png
Age: 25
Mr.Snake is a dragon snake like, he is the head of the library and a partner of Maddox also love reading books! He is friendly and loves helping other people. No wonder he is tall!

Daisy Summer
d happy 3.png
Age: 31
Daisy is the principal in the school, she is very mature unlike Ivy, but she looks younger than her age is. She is lazy always sitting in her office, and of course! She is friendly at all times, just like a mother!

Topaz Summer
z happy 3.png
Age: 15
Topaz is a stupid, and low minded robot who loves planting the flowers everyday! He is a gardener and protects the flowers by its owner, he loves new students! Also loves bunnies!

Jasper Summer
j normal 1.png
Age: 16
Jasper is a normal, and a also a gardener just like Topaz, Jasper is always kind and very cautious. Jasper always hates when he get bullied and distracted just like Maddox. Love eating carrots when during lunch time!

a normal 1.png
Age: ???
Is a child who was never noticed in the school, but some people told that she is a time traveller.
She meant to be a adult now, but suddenly turns out into a young girl.

Demo will be out soon in April or in May.. maybe in my birthday probably.
Maybe the play time will be 1-3 hours. Not included in side stories.

1. What do you think about the novel?
2. It is interesting to play?
3. What do you think about the plot? It is suitable for this novel?
4. It is more interested if it is played in full version?

Oh, also. The full version may be released probably in 2020 or in August or September.. 2019.

God bless.
I am a friendly user, please respect and have a good day..

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