Visions that Separate What Binds Us [All Ages] [BxG] [Coming-of-Age Romantic Drama] [Looking for Publisher & More Staff]

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Visions that Separate What Binds Us [All Ages] [BxG] [Coming-of-Age Romantic Drama] [Looking for Publisher & More Staff]

#1 Post by Fukukaze » Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:42 pm

To everyone reading this post, hi and welcome,

Allow me to introduce you to "Visions that Separate What Binds Us", a coming-of-age romantic drama that is inspired by the works of the legend, the great, Makoto Shinkai. As you may be able to guess from the title already, it is a story that will explore the concept of separation, on top of heartache and the need to move on. After all, not every story contains a happy ending. The same also applies to love, or relationships, for that matter. Even the closest couples could one day break up and each go their separate ways. Not everyone has as much luck when it comes to romance as others. May that be because your feelings ended up not getting reciprocated, or perhaps because the relationship just didn't work out in the end and fell apart? Or maybe, just maybe, fate tragically ripped the two of you apart and caused both of you to become distant from one another as time coldly passed on? This last one is what we will be exploring more in detail in this particular story. More specifically, this epic tale will feature a boy and a girl who met at a very young age and quickly became attached to one another, forming a tremendously close relationship as time went on. However, as a result of a certain fateful event that took place, the two get forcefully ripped apart. Afterwards, one thing leads to another and both of them end up growing apart ever so distant. Their relationship together suffering almost irreparable damage in the process.

Now, the project is still in its early stages, as I am still looking to fill certain positions on the team. These being mainly a publisher, because I could use the clout a venture like this requires, as well as the experience and funding they usually possess. I am also going to be needing a composer. Preferably one that has some prior experience with melancholic tracks, as that will be the most prevalent tone the story will be carrying. Background artists are always welcome too, as that can only help us speed up the designing process, which is usually the most time-consuming aspect of game development.

As it stands, I have already finished writing a small three-page prologue that will be used as the base for an upcoming demo that will release alongside a future planned Kickstarter campaign. Which you can download and read for yourself here :!KotHmAiY!jHn6kQmwPkHa ... uNELmCcZJw. Plus, I also wrote out an extremely detailed outline of the entire story, which will consist of three chapters, with each part covering a slice of the character's lives.
As of the writing of this post, the decision on what titles each of these three parts will hold has already been made. They are the following :

Chapter 01 : "Forecast"
Chapter 02 : "Growing Distance"
Chapter 03 : "Akai Ito"

So, with all that said, if anyone here is interested in knowing more about all this, please do not hesitate to inquire about certain details regarding the project as a whole. I'd be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Also, for those who are interested in potentially filling any of the still open positions on the team, feel free to shoot me a message, so we can talk more in depth about what course of action we will be taking and what I will be expecting you to do. And more importantly, what you will be getting in return for it. :wink:

Next up, I would like to show off a few things that are currently in development :


Have a look at the logo for my project which I made myself. It is still in progress and likely to change, so the design is not quite final. Still think it lacks something. If any of you have any ideas about what I should add, shoot away! You can download a high-res version of the logo here :!TgFWHaAb!w6PPrYi6e2kF ... bnVdf2EmfY.
I am currently also working on some designs for the future Kickstarter page, like the character boxes as well as the boxes for each of the reward tiers.


I have already found myself an artist who is willing to work together with me on this project. She goes by the name "revolmxd" on Twitter, and is also known as "Abbystea" sometimes when credited. She has previously worked on a visual novel called "Big Dipper", which was developed by Team Zimno and published by Top Hat Studios. Currently, she is also working on another title called "Oniichan Asobo", developed by ilシ.

As you can see from the image above, I have already invested some money out of my own pocket to have her draw me some sprite designs for the main heroine. What you see above are just the sketch designs, for both the girl in the present day (age: 25, left) and back in the past (age: 7-10, right), respectively. Abby's currently still in the middle of working on finalizing these designs.

And that's about it, I think. So, as I said before, let me know in case you're interested in joining the development on this project. I would love to have you! Though my main priority is finding a publisher first. I'm afraid that before I get that step down, progress will be scarce for the moment.

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