The Alítis Ring (GxB / GxG?) [Fantasy|Romance|Adventure|17+]

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The Alítis Ring (GxB / GxG?) [Fantasy|Romance|Adventure|17+]

#1 Post by Deniizen » Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:12 am

I've been working on and off on ideas for this game for about 2 years, and finally decided to share it with some folks!

I have made stand-in sprites using one of Rinmarugames dollmakers, BUT so far I have finished Novus' and Adyn's sprites. They will show you a taste of my art style that the other sprites will be in!
The Alítis Ring
The Alítis Ring is a place for outcasts, criminals, rejects, and people with nowhere else to go- we became our own family. We are raised and taught the skills of a Rogue by the best of the best, the Magisters. You can consider us... Vigilantes. An underground police force. A group dedicated to solving problems thought to be beyond help.

The Story
The story follows Eloy [renamable], a girl recruited into The Alítis Ring at the tender age of 8. With no memory to speak of, she grew to resent The Alítis for keeping her on the Ring's grounds, forbidding her from leaving. She has been looked down upon as far back as she can remember- for being human. The only people keeping her (relatively) sane are her two closest friends, Novus, and Adyn. Once she turns 22, the head Magister, Sophos, has decided she is finally ready to go on her first mission. She has plenty of missions to choose from, but all of them are assisting someone else already on the job. How will Eloy react to her first taste of freedom, having to assist, or butt heads, with someone else? Why was she not allowed beyond the gates? Will she recover any memories from her past? Hopefully, her questions will be answered.

Choosing a mission will choose your love interest. After that, there is no common route.
No bad endings (bc bad endings make me cri), but there are choices that may lead to different endings, I'm not sure yet.
Rated 17+ for foul language (a lot of it), crude humor, implied sexual escapades, and probably other stuff I haven't written in yet.


Race: Human, as far as she knows.(Being a human is considered useless. No powers, no point.)
Weapon: Specializes in Archery and hand-to-hand (brass knuckle-like)
Possible LI
Race: Figura Mutante: Shape changer,
(Being a shape changer is taboo, so they often hide what they are, called Veiling)
Weapon: Daggers
Power: Prophet (can see possible futures, apt to change)
Brand tattoo shifts into scar when shape-shifting

Mission: Distract the Fatale people long enough for Adyn to make his move and steal an ancient, dangerous relic.
Settings: Brothels, Deserts, The Fatale (likeness to Romani) people
Race: Ignis Loquitur: Fire-breather
Weapons: Throwing knives
Power: Breathing fire... duh.

The current route i've been writing!

Chapter: 1
WC: 3.7k
Mission: Assist veteran-rogue on a mission to collect intel on the secret to eternal youth, stolen by a forest tribe. Viden is two days late, go find him.
Settings: Large, Damp, cavernous caves hidden deep in the jungle, travel to multiple camps of indigenous people
Race: Half... something, half Ordo - psychic. Hides his Ordo half
Stoic, all work and no play, serious, strict, "Thinks ur dumb" Blunt
Weapons: Poisons
Power: Mind reading

mission: Spy on a Monarch going off the deep end, tortures innocents/homeless/etc... Drugs? maybe. Find out why they're crazy.
Setting: Royal city, taverns, guards everywhere, staying in a rundown inn, big castle
Meet him there, as he has been posing as a guard for a few weeks.
Race: Domitor: Tamer (Of animals) (He will have animal ears lol)
Weapons: Bow and Arrow
Power: Can summon an animal to help him(unsure which yet?)

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