Dark and Brutal [dungeon-crawler][RPGish]

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Dark and Brutal [dungeon-crawler][RPGish]

#1 Post by dinodroid » Sun May 26, 2019 4:37 am

Hello all,

New here. (please be gentle).
I am a developer (specifically web developer). I work full-time.

I want to make a game like Darkest Dungeon. This is the first dungeon crawler game which inspired me the most to create my own game. The reason this is because it has 2 features together which makes it deadly and hard to play are characters having permadeath (permanent death) and stress penalties.

I have analysed its elements. It is basically a dungeon crawler with RPG elements. Since almost no character helps in storyline, the RPG elements falls apart. There is almost no dialogue. Most of them is just a random commentary to keep the gameplay engaging. The game's major elements are as follows

=> Auto Save System Only
=> Permanent death
=> Grim Environment
=> Roster
=> Team
=> Gold (currency)
=> Trinkets
=> Quests
=> Events
=> Enemies
=> Random generated map
=> Enemy encounters
=> Random loot

In Battle

=> Stats
=> Skills
=> Camping Skills
=> Status Effects
=> Resistances
=> Diseases
=> Afflictions
=> Quirks (+/-)
=> Position
=> Light
=> Stress
=> Death door
=> Heart attack
=> Camping


=>Tavern (Stress Relief) (Bar, Casino, Brothel)
=>Abbey (Stress Relief) (Meditate, Play , Flagellate)
=>Ancestor's Memoirs (Lore and Character(Boss) information)
=>Blacksmith (Weapons and armor upgrade)
=>Graveyard (Dead heroes lie)
=>Guild (Skills Gain/Upgrade)
=>Nomad Wagon (Trinkets Shop)
=>Sanitarium (Quirk Removal and locking, Disease removal)
=>Stage Coach (New Heroes)
=>Survivalist (Gaining + Upgrading Camping Skills)

I have tried making this game in twine but thank God I soon realized that a very large game will be difficult to maintain in Twine.

Now I have migrated to Renpy. Since we can create multiple .rpy files to manage the project and since "Darkest dungeon" also is mostly a click based game. This can be done in renpy.

I do not want to copy the entire game. I want to make few modifications:-

1) There will be 4-5 main characters in the game which will not battle. But they are there for the dialogues. They will comment on new recruits (roster). Suggest skill, basically help the player with different choices and play styles.

2) Optional feature : I wanted to make this game NSFW, by adding libido, adding enemies who will target this goal like Vampire Temptress, Succubus, Incubus, Nymphs etc. Please comment on this. Should I include this?

My concerns are :

1) Not much experience in Python. However, I am proficient in PHP, C based languages and Java.
2) I don't have experience in renpy as well. Also, this is sort of advance project in renpy because many of these mechanism needs to be custom made. I will try to look at Cookbook some more.
3) I do not have time to create art. Since it takes me ages to make, and when I make I sort of become like a perfectionist (if you know what I mean).
4) I will need constant inspiration and support otherwise like any hopeless developer this project will be abandoned in no time.

Tips and Comments (even negative) are most welcome.


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Re: Dark and Brutal [dungeon-crawler][RPGish]

#2 Post by coda_ » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:57 pm

So what is your game about? So far you've explained what Red Hook Studios' game is about and its components and mechanics. Are you making an original game that is inspired by those elements of Darkest Dungeon? So far my impression is you are focused on cloning it in all the ways you've stated, but with minor adjustments and additions. I don't know for sure because the focus of this post is very much on the existing, registered trademark.

On your concerns 1-3, you can either invest time to learn these skills yourself or hire folks into those roles to do it for you—or both. You have time, you just have to set up a realistic scope for your projected production.

But I think the most concerning thing is when you admit that you "need constant inspiration and support", else you'll quickly dump your own project. You've just made your project idea sound like your own burden. If you can't summon intrinsic motivation to work on your own project, it's either not worth pursuing or not a project you are ready to commit to right now. Unfortunately, it is no one's responsibility to believe in it or even validate it. That all comes from you. My suggestion is this: think about what you would genuinely be passionate about creating so that you don't feel this dependent.

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