Of Sense and Soul [BxB] [Historical/Victorian, Slice of Life, Romance] In Development

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Projects: Of Sense and Soul (A Victorian M/M VN)

Of Sense and Soul [BxB] [Historical/Victorian, Slice of Life, Romance] In Development

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In an age before the clip-clop of horseshoes disappeared off the streets of England, before the tipping of hats and the wearing of corsets were written off as the tidings of yesteryear, there are stories which have been lost to time — stories of people, of lives, and of love.

Ours is just such a tale, centered on two men navigating the smog-covered streets of Victorian London: Hugo Brooks, an editorialist who never adventures far outside the written word, and Seamus Charkham, a confirmed bachelor who is determined to gulp life down right to the last drop.

Both are set in their ways, and both are in desperate need of a change, loath as they are to admit it. Despite wanting to believe they’re satisfied with continuing on as they have been, they find that sometimes, things can change for the better.

In the London of 1875, their stories — their lives — become intertwined, and together begin to bloom and unfold…


Of Sense and Soul is a M/M slice of life romance visual novel set in late-Victorian England that is driven by the character development of two protagonists.

The game will feature...
  • A robust Victorian England setting
  • 2 playable character routes with 6 total endings (subject to change)
  • Branching plot choices
  • Original, full-color artwork
  • Additional gameplay mechanics, including map choices, poem composition, and journaling choices.


The story for this game is currently being planned and written following a long research period.

We've also begun developing art assets for the game's demo. The watercolor-esque art style for the game has been solidified, and sprites, backgrounds, and GUI elements are in progress.


First background test



Second background test with sprite and placeholder text box on top, with variants for day and night.

If you're curious about the origins of this project and the progress we have made since 2016, when this project was born as a webcomic idea, you can read Devlog #0 here!


Of Sense and Soul is a passion project created by akaparalian and ingthing.

Writing: akaparalian

Art/Writing: ingthing

Programming: loneshadow/sachiro

Let us know what you think below!

Follow @ofsenseandsoul on Twitter and Instagram for updates, fun facts, and development art!
Currently working on Of Sense and Soul, a M/M slice of life romance VN set in Late-Victorian England.

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