Lyalia Chronicles [Fantasy] [Interactive book][Webnovel][VN]

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Lyalia Chronicles [Fantasy] [Interactive book][Webnovel][VN]

#1 Post by Cindigo » Wed Mar 18, 2020 7:24 am


The story is set in a medieval high fantasy world with guns, swords, and magic. A continent inhabited by 4 races: Humen, Ancients, Beastfolk and Demon. It’s a subtle proxy war between three outsiders: Mao, Hero, and Prophet.

Choose your calling; become Mao, Hero or Prophet. Receive a trustworthy companion, who would stay with you till the world’s end and go on a journey through the darkest places of the Lyalia. Forge alliances with the continent’s strongest, or beat them into submission. Make your children and allies the winners of this war and rulers of the continent. Or have your ordinary life in an idyllic village.

Choose who you are. Choose what you want to experience. Set your goal in this world. Embark on a journey where you set the agenda, and figure your way out of trouble. Become a companion, a friend, a partner, a parent, a ruler, a legend.

Lyalia Chronicles is just a book, albeit not an ordinary one. It’s a magical book that writes your personal story. Configure it, make your decisions, interact with the characters.

A safe, stripped-down version of the stories from this interactive book will be published as a web-novel. That is referred to as the “Default route”.

More news:
Cover image:

For the "Elfen Princess" route 24 chapters are planned. At the moment only parts of the first 4 chapters have been written (a bit more than 100K words).

Is there any interest at all in something like this? Any comments?

Thank you for reading!

Webnovel status, route "default", 04.04.2020
  • CH0 Goddess' monologue [edits planned] [1374]
  • CH1 Preparations [edits planned] [3204]
  • CH2 New World [edits planned] [10500]
  • CH3 New Day [1 scenes left, mixed] [10471]
  • CH4 New Task [3 scenes partially done] [2460]
  • CH5 New Enemy [2 scenes partially done] [1741]

Main features

3 Possible callings:
  • Mao (Wind of change),
  • Hero (Protector of the old ways),
  • Prophet (Heveanly judge)
9 Possible protagonists:
  • Idealist,
  • Analyst,
  • Architect,
  • Commander,
  • Inceptress,
  • Economist,
  • Conqueror,
  • Deceptor,
  • Cardinal
12 Possible companions:
  • Elfen princess [Elfen],
  • Priestess[Drakken, red],
  • Ice Queen[Drakken, blue],
  • Black Lotus[Drakken, black],
  • Wind of the East[Beastfolk],
  • Sleeping Beauty[Beastfolk],
  • Queen of the Night[Demon],
  • Horned Devil[Demon],
  • Akashic Guardian[Humen],
  • Heroine[Humen]
  • Last Bullet[Humen]
  • Flower of the South[Humen]
Interactivity elements:
  • 30+ tags
  • 10 initial choices
  • Inline choices
  • Hidden choices (optional)
  • The 100 questions (optional)
  • Chat (optional)
  • Touch interactions (VN only, optional)
  • Manage skills, equipment (optional)
  • Freeroaming (optional)
Simulation and social:
  • Conquer, Divide, Rule the Lyalia continent (13 states, 47 regions)
  • Defeat bosses, explore dungeons and ruins
  • Tame, craft, charm
  • Make an army of your friends and offsprings (no R18)
  • Try to be better at it than the other two (Mao, Hero, Prophet)
I know it’s a big list. It took me 4 years to technically enable these features.
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Re: Lyalia Chronicles [Fantasy] [Interactive book][Webnovel][VN]

#2 Post by Zelan » Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:54 am

This intro post grabs my attention for sure. The word count is really ambitious, though - if the first 4 chapters are about 100k words, it looks like the full 24 chapters will be around 600k, and that's just one route. Does it need to be that long? A length like that makes me concerned about whether the project can be finished, and whether there's a lot of unnecessary exposition.

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Re: Lyalia Chronicles [Fantasy] [Interactive book][Webnovel][VN]

#3 Post by Cindigo » Wed Mar 18, 2020 12:53 pm

Thank you for the response!

My goal isn’t making an endless story. If any, the goal could be 10-12 hours. More precisely, a chapter or two per month. That’s an optimistic estimate you got, but I am not that worried about it.

Based on some choices done in the very beginning, a random companion is assigned to the protagonist during the first chapter. Going through the story with them is what I call the “route”. It might not be what is normally understood with this word. Two routes might differ by 20% or by 60%.

“Default” route I mentioned, for example, assumes initial choices being “becoming Mao”, from the four languages not being able to speak Ancient, being talented in animal taming, being extra lucky but unable to lie and focusing on magic. There are 10 in total.

Some people like detailed descriptions, some don’t. Some people like side dialogues, some don’t. They can enable tags accordingly and read in the form they like. Someone might like to read #worldHistory, someone as #comedyProtag.

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