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K-Pop Management Simulator [Simulator] [Point+Click/Visual Novel Game]

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:56 am
by AmeliaLarue
Hello! I am new to making a full-game and I have an idea. Here it is:
  • - You are an entertainment company
    - You get to train children, teenagers and young adults to become K-Pop Idols for as long as you'd like
    - No restrictions based on Levels
    - Create your own rules in your company
    - Realistic scenarios you have control over
    - Create a schedule for each trainee+idol
    - Try to make as much money as possible


    - Everything you do costs money -EXAMPLE: Debuting groups-
    - If you go into debt at least twice, it is game-over
    - If you treat your trainees unfairly, they will leave
    - It costs money to train trainees and idols -Literally thousands-
    - You have reputation, your idols+trainees can damage it (even if you are a great company)
    - Your trainees can develop mental health problems, especially if their schedule is tough and you don't treat them right

This is not 100% fleshed-out. However, I am interested in hearing people's opinions on this game idea.

-DISCLAIMER: This game will not contain anything inappropriate (M-Rated content) - and there are consequences for your actions.

Re: K-Pop Management Simulator [Simulator] [Point+Click/Visual Novel Game]

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 10:47 am
by Zelan
So far this sounds a lot like Idol Manager, which is currently in active development.

I'm absolutely not saying this to discourage you - there are lots of games with similar premises that can stand on their own - but think about what could set your game apart and make it a different experience than Idol Manager. At the same time, if there's anything that it looks like Idol Manager does particularly well, you can use it as inspiration (as long as you aren't directly copying).

Management simulators are pretty difficult to balance and program. Good luck! (:

Re: K-Pop Management Simulator [Simulator] [Point+Click/Visual Novel Game]

Posted: Fri May 07, 2021 12:30 am
by elixxxirium
I personally love KPOP, but if you did heavy research in how K-Pop trainees are selected, trained, and debuted and how very few Kpop bands make it, seeing that research in a Kpop management game would be really neat and interesting. Or you could go in a complete power fantasy direction and make the game a much more utopian fun process in how Kpop is created and released into the world. Either direction would be pretty cool imo.