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WIP, Demo - RedFlavourMicrobes

#1 Post by number473 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:44 am

Synopsis: The protagonist goes to a public garden to meet with a friend that often is strange and quirky. Something interesting and/or exciting happens.

I'll put some information in point form:
- Screen Shot:
- The name is temporary.
- The character sprites aren't done - still need to finish colouring.
- Backgrounds are pretty much what they'll be in the final.
- There's no sound yet.
- Haven't modified menus etc yet.
- This is a small section containing the introduction of one of the characters. It has been linearized for the purposes of this demo.
- There are plans for 3 beatable characters, plus 1 unlockable ending.
- This is very short and I haven't really progressed far yet, but I wanted to just post something to get some feedback... and mostly just to prove to myself that I'm actually doing it.
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Re: WIP, Demo - RedFlavourMicrobes

#2 Post by lolwtfalicia » Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:38 am

I'm assuming this is your first creation using Ren'Py, in which case I would like to wish you good luck! From what I've gathered lurking around, its always best to start out small and simple. Your description is a little vague, but I'm guessing that if you were to give anything else that the whole thing would be spoiled, right? (:

Just, don't rush yourself. Keep looking over your work until you feel its absolutely perfect, then look over it ten times more. Good luck!

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