[WIP] After Dawn series

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[WIP] After Dawn series

#1 Post by timscampi » Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:29 pm

Hello everyone :)
I'm here to introduce a project that originated on a young french-speaking forum named Souan.
The forum was created by a friend of mine and the goal was to be a French -speaking community of amateur infographists and designers.
However, I introduced my project of a multimedia franchise called After Dawn and it quickly grew in size to be the forum's most visited section.

The story will be divided in multiple games, each telling a story arc.
Depending of the popularity and the time we put into them, we might sell them for a little bit of money (Like 10 or 15$ per episode.)

We aim for a quality work with a distinctive art style reminiscent of the game Hotel Dusk for the Nintendo DS.

Here is the synopsis:
Delta Holdings looks like every other pharmaceutical company. However, for some days now, the rumor says that a contest was held by the company to determine the successor to the company's creator, Masahiro Kusobe.
12 persons received a package containing a syringe, a letter and a PDA. Each syringe contains a virus capable of modifying the human DNA and giving exceptionnal powers to the person contamined with it. The PDA contains informations on the contest's participants that are locked unless a specific signal is sent to the device or the participant is within a 5 kilometers range. The letter contains the instructions on how to inject the syringe contents, as well as the game's rules: Only one of them must remain.
The one who'll win will become the new boss of Delta Holding and, incidentally, the most powerful man in the world.

The idea was first submitted less than a week ago and has grown a lot since then.
We are continuously releasing development versions and we are seeking character designers and music composers.

Of course, the website and the game are in French, but an English release is scheduled.

If you want to follow the project, I will post updates regularly in this thread.
If you want to help, don't hesitate, even if you don't speak French. We can always manage to work together :)

Here is the address for the forum:

A website is currently in development. I'll post it when it's done.

I hope you enjoy our project and thank you for reading this presentation :)

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Re: [WIP] After Dawn series

#2 Post by timscampi » Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:24 pm

Little updates for you, guys ;)

The development is progressing way faster than we expected.
The project is only 6 days old (It was created the 14th) and the forum who house it was created a little before that. Unbelievably, it contains already more than 480 messages posted by 9 members, and 248 of them were made in the section dedicated to After Dawn.

Our team is growing up as we now have members doing almost all the jobs we needed.

The gamer is also growing quite fast as we already have a custom main menu and are currently writing the first chapter while porting everything to RenPy 6.11.0. We also have a category on hebus.com, a french site similar to DeviantArt under the section Fond d'écran > jeux vidéo > After Dawn (Wallpapers > Video Games > After Dawn)

We've also set up a facebook page and a Twitter, giving the opportunity to everyone to follow the project easily.

Our artists are currently designing the characters and a preliminary artwork of one of them is already available on the website.

Here are all the addresses related to the project:
http://souan.forumactif.ws/ | Souan, the forum which hosts our project.
http://after-dawn.vacau.com/ | Official website, where you can read about the story, the characters and the game but also download lots of goodies.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/After-Daw ... 9101441942 | Our Facebook page
http://twitter.com/SouanGames | The Twitter of the project.
http://twitter.com/timscampi | My personnal Twitter, which will contain updates in real time in both French and English.
http://twitter.com/Sirhaian | Sirhaian's Twitter. He's the owner of the Souan forum and a member of the team.

We have also set up a shop on cafepress where you'll be able to get goodies like t-shirts, mugs, etc. The prices are more suited for Europeans using Euro (€), however (I'll change that sometime this weekend.)
Please note that the funds we acquire in the shop are to buy hardware for the development. (Microphones, computers, hard drives, maybe a domain name, etc.)
The money we don't use to buy hardware will be divided between the members of the team to encourage the development and recompense them for their hard work.
Here is the address:

Thank you for following us ;)

Edit: As of August 21st, we are now 9 members working on the project.
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Re: [WIP] After Dawn series

#3 Post by kinougames » Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:54 pm

I'm quite interested in watching this.

The story looks positively fascinating.

Also, I'm actually looking for people who can translate English to French. :o
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Re: [WIP] After Dawn series

#4 Post by Sirhaian » Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:41 pm

Hi Guys :D

I'm Sirhaian, one of the After Dawn Project's Team :)
I'm Belgian, so my english isn't perfect :)

I'm happy that so much people are interested by our project (see the links that my friend TimScampi provided earlier ;))
Thanks you kinougames for your support :D

I'm here to help answering the questions that you may ask.
I'm not the creator of the Project, but I'm the second member to enter in it :)
And the Souan's administrator 8)

I just want to remind you that the After Dawn Project is protected by a licence: Creative Commons By-Nc-Nd.

So, that's all for the moment :)

Thanks you all for your help ^^

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Re: [WIP] After Dawn series

#5 Post by timscampi » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:26 am

Hello everyone :)

Seeing the number of non French-speaking people coming on the official website, we are currently working on internationalizing the content over there.
This basically means that every bit of text on the After Dawn official site will be available in both French and English.

However, please note that the site is under heavy work right now (I'm translating everything as well as improving the site layout and functionalities.) so everything may not be available yet.
If you want any information or want to help us translate the website and, when it's done, the game into English or any other language, feel free to send me a PM.

Thanks everyone :)

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