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Altered Dimensions! A reality bending, multi-VN, Story!

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:14 pm
by SaberXJ
ok guys I just had insperation for a new VN called Altered Dimensions so tell me what you think here you go....

You start off in the game playing as "Your self" who lives in a parallel earth to ours. Just like any other VN you start out living in a harem of girls who all 'secretly' like you. you are just living your life when suddenly out of nowhere your dragged from your reality into the dark, zombie infested, horror filled, reality known as "Prototype" ( You have no idea what is going on until a man named Dike pulls you from that horrible nightmarish reality into a place known as the 'Sanction of Dimensions' it is a place that can access all different realities. The man named Dike is actually "The Father of Dimensions" or as we call him "Father Time". he was the one who pulled you from your reality. he did this with good reason. your reality is the only one left untouched by the horror you witnessed in "Prototype". an entity known as "The Darkness" has taken control of the horrible monsters of "Prototype" and is using them to "Alter" other realities. Dike believes that this "Altering" is destroying a system called "The Web of Dimensions" which is a system that interlinks all realities. since your reality has yet to be uninfected he had no other choice but to call a "Paradox" from your reality to help him. you are that "Paradox" or "One who still controls their own destiny". you are the only one who can stop the Darkness and revert all the other realities back to normal. he explains to you that you can only do this by destroying each one of the Darkness pawns that reside within each Altered Dimension and then sealing it protecting it from the Darkness. To seal a Dimension you must complete each life that that reality is based around. (by that I mean you must live through each girls rout that each world has to offer before you can seal it) Dike gives you two gifts the first of which is the power to control reality (more like you can use the Sanction to travel between dimensions at will) and he also wishes to turn you into something that will help you defeat the pawns of the Darkness. this deals with the reality known as "Prototype". Gentek employee from the reality of "Prototype" Dr. Alex Mercer took a sample of a virus that their company was developing for biological warfare (DX-1118 variant C, dubbed "BLACKLIGHT"). Eventually pinned down by Blackwatch the military unit devoted to stopping biological terrorism inside of New York's Penn Station, he decides to take down as many soldiers as he can with him, shattering the tube and releasing the virus. He is killed on the spot, collapsing on the shattered vial. The virus consumed Alex's corpse, reanimating his body in the process, using his cells to preserve its existence and creating a new entity with inhuman and assimilation abilities. Dike believes turning you into the same thing is the only way to stop the Darkness pawns. you decide to do it and you turn into the same thing Alex did yet you are unable to control it and become a monster. you then stumble into the world of P.O.W. ( there you learn to control your powers and help fend off the Darkness from the first of many dimensions.

This VN has two basic parts to each dimension first is the "Altered" one where you follow the story of where you fight side by side with the characters from that world to defend its self from the Darkness. Then the second or the "Reverted" one where you take the place of the REAL Protagonist and try and complete each girls rout in that dimension.

so far this VN has 10 different realities to go through (what I mean by realities is VN's) those realities include but are NOT limited to the realities of:

Galaxy Angel
Peice of Wonder (P.O.W.)
Your Reality
The Malchomy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Wanko to Kurosoro
Jewls nights crusaders
Saber Marionette J

Pleas Give me some feed back on what you guys think and if anyone has any ideas for this idea Id love to hear them so pleas respond and tell me what you guys think of this idea.

and yes I know Prototype is NOT a VN but still it never hurts to try something new

Re: Altered Dimensions! A reality bending, multi-VN, Story!

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:57 pm
by fortaat

Re: Altered Dimensions! A reality bending, multi-VN, Story!

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:47 pm
Very ambitious... Good idea and sounds very complicated. But why the harem thing at the beginning? It's disturbing the serious ambience of the story...

Re: Altered Dimensions! A reality bending, multi-VN, Story!

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:23 pm
by SaberXJ
the reason behind the harem at the beginning is because your reality also needs to be sealed in order to be safe soooooo..... maybe I didn't explain properly but in each reality you TAKE the place OF the actual Protagonist and you try and get the girls to fall in love with you like in a normal VN. like I said there are 2 parts to the realities the first part is all about THAT reality being altered and what I mean by that is lets say this line is one realities time line ok. _______________________ its straight right? this would be the same reality if it was altered ________----------------- lets just say that the doted line represents when the Darkness entered that reality. once You defeat the Darkness Pawn in that reality the time line for that reality is set back to before the Darkness ever entered that reality so everyone forgets what happened so they also forget about you luckily once the darkness is gone Dike can somewhat manipulate that reality so I don't know if you wanted replace the main hero for that story with I don't know YOUR SELF than that could easily be done once the darkness is gone. and then once the Paradox for that reality is sealed the REAL protagonist will return to his original reality and no one would be the wiser........ though I'm sure to add in an ending for each girl like say if you like one girl enough I'm sure you'd be able to take her with you until the end........ but I dont know Im still thinking on the entire thing