Death_HUG drawings, critque please

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Re: Death_HUG drawings, critque please

#31 Post by Death_HUG » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:40 am

Celestine wrote:Her hair looks incredible. How did you do that with so many colors? Anyway the hair looks great.
Her eyes are pretty. But the mouth looks a little low and off? And the pink bag underneath eye should get rid of it makes her look sickly or just really tired.
The posture is nice. The wrinkle in her clothes looks real. Her fingers are nice but maybe should work on the grip some more.
The fish is adorable. I wanna hug it's that cute!

Nice picture!
For the hair, I just shaded the top half first, then the second half on different layers. Then got a different color and did the same thing, added highlights and I was pretty much done with hair.
Thanks >///<


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