Help me by answering some simple school-related question

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Re: Help me by answering some simple school-related question

#31 Post by Coatl » Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:27 pm

Yeah I love this, one thing I do want to clear up is that the game is driven like the reverse-amnesia story. The character does know who he is and how he was in high school. However like all of us, those memories become vague and so as he "walks along", A lot of elements come back to him. And so regardless, he's just gonna try to get by.

It's not very romance driven like many other VNs. The system is simply gonna go through scenario and it eventually bridges out depending on what you choose for actions or behaviors.

So it's not one shallow thing he wants to change, remember, in high school so much comes up and if you particularly didn't enjoy it the first time around and you have some sort of understanding of what to do different you will try and change. So I guess the way my scenario works is that in the middle of the chart is this blue area and anything on or near it is your actions similar to your original behavior. Then all the routes outside that area is where you have totally deviate so you can become popular, the anti-hero, the ladies man, you can even spend a majority of it outside of school (one reason for this, mind you, is that he can simply take independent studies because remember that his mind when to the past so he can considered very knowledgeable)


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