My Overlays do not want to disappear

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My Overlays do not want to disappear

#1 Post by Sehaf » Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:06 am

Seems to be a common problem and yet. I can not find answers.
I have a few image buttons in the game for a ingame menu. And they do not want to disappear when the text window disappear. What do I have to do for that to happen?


init python:

def toggle_skipping():
config.skipping = not config.skipping

#def toggle_auto(): = not

show_in_game_menu = True

def in_game_menu():

if show_in_game_menu:

# to save typing
ccinc = renpy.curried_call_in_new_context

ui.hbox(xpos=400, ypos=439)
ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/quit.png", "UI/menu/quit_down.png", clicked=ui.callsinnewcontext("_quit_prompt"))
ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/menu.png", "UI/menu/menu_down.png", clicked=ui.callsinnewcontext("_main_menu_prompt"))
ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/skip.png", "UI/menu/skip_down.png", clicked=toggle_skipping)
#ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/auto.png", "UI/menu/auto_down.png", clicked=toggle_auto)
ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/options.png", "UI/menu/options_down.png", clicked=ccinc("_game_menu_preferences"))
ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/save.png", "UI/menu/save_down.png", clicked=ccinc("_game_menu_save"))
ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/load.png", "UI/menu/load_down.png", clicked=ccinc("_game_menu_load"))
ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/q_save.png", "UI/menu/q_save_down.png", clicked=ccinc("_quick_save"))
ui.imagebutton("UI/menu/q_load.png", "UI/menu/q_load_down.png", clicked=ui.jumps("_quick_load"))


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Re: My Overlays do not want to disappear

#2 Post by Sin » Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:16 am

Nice avatar.

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Re: My Overlays do not want to disappear

#3 Post by TyranX » Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:01 am

Nice avatar.
That made me laugh.. alot. XD

1.)You should know that Etna avatars can be found pretty much everywhere. She's pretty popular. You might wanna change it.
2.) Try posting "click here" You're much more likely to get help.
I'd move this thread myself, but I'm not a high enough level yet, still gotta kill some more pidgeys.
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